The 2022 iPad Pro could be charged via the oversized Apple logo

Apple reportedly wants to add MagSafe wireless charging to the new iPad Pro, and will reportedly make a surprising design adjustment to make it happen: increase the size of the Apple logo on the back of the tablet.

The same unconfirmed report says that in 2022, it will have an improved camera, a larger battery and a processor upgrade.

He is fighting to add MagSafe to the iPad Pro 2022

Adding MagSafe to the iPad would allow it to use the same wireless chargers as the iPhone. And that would free up one USB-C port of the tablet for use with other accessories.

The first report that Apple wants to add MagSafe to the iPad Pro came in mid-2021. At the time, engineers were researching the return of glass to a computer because wireless charging would not work over aluminum.

Now that plan has reportedly been rejected because it would make the tablet too fragile. Instead, the designers created prototypes with a huge glass Apple logo on the back, he says 9to5Mac. Wireless charging would take place through the glass.

On the iPad Pro 2021, the Apple logo is 1.2 inches wide. The official MagSafe refill mat is 2.0 inches wide, so if this report is true, the logo will obviously need to be increased by about 66% (see demo image above).

The iPad version of MagSafe will have stronger magnets and offer faster charging 9to5Mac. The iPhone version has a maximum power of 15w.

General improvements

The changes will not only apply to wireless charging. Citing unnamed sources, 9to5Mac indicates that the iPad Pro for 2022 will have a larger battery, but did not give details. And the device should also have a camera similar to the one in the iPhone 13.

Engineers are reportedly considering adding a notch to the tablet to make it look more like the iPhone and the latest MacBook Pro laptops. This is something we have already heard. The question is whether it qualifies as an improvement.

A “brand new chip” is also mentioned 9to5Mac report, probably Apple M2. The 2021 model has an Apple M1 processor so this is a reasonable assumption. The M2 is expected to debut on the MacBook Air when it launches in mid-2022, and if Apple is still making big design decisions about the next iPad Pro, then it won’t come before the end of 2022. That’s enough time to turn on the faster processor.

9to5Mac has a rating of 79% for accurate predictions about Apple ‘s plans, according to AppleTrack.

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