Thanks for Dune, Rick & Morty, Pokemon

Mobile Suit ZZ Gundamov Judau Ashta, Dune's Paul Atreides, Bob's Burgers' Tina Belcher, Pokemon TCG's Fusion Strike Mew, and Rick and Morty from ... Rick and Morty.

Thank you selected guys, fur guys, complicated grandpa boys in a relationship, divine ancestors are boys, and … Tina, mistress of One Boy andn Special.
Picture: Sunrise, Warner Bros., Fox, The Pokémon Company and Adult Swim

Being grateful doesn’t have to refer only to great things. Every day we are grateful for our health, friends, family and much more. How we should be. But sometimes it’s just fun to think about it less obvious things we are grateful for and exist there is no better time for that than Thanksgiving. Consequently every year, writes io9 pop culture creations for which we are grateful. Things that helped us in 2021 to be a little happier, a little wiser, a little better considering … everything.

That doesn’t necessarily mean these are the best things we’ve seen or done. Nor do they have to be new or even that exciting. They just have to be personal, from the heart and resonate in a way that makes us want to say “Thank you.” Here you can see our 2020 elections and read the 2021 edition below.

We are grateful for: Bob’s Burgers

Picture of Bob's burgers on a purple background

What are you grateful for?
Picture: Fox

I can’t remember where it was, but I saw someone say that the other day Bob’s Burgers it’s not funny anymore and I actually said out loud, “How DARE you. ” Suffice it to say that I still really enjoy the animated series which is now in its – check the notes – season 12! This funny family brings me so much comfort and joy; I regularly include old episodes to relive gags that somehow never get tired. Bob’s love talking to food. Linda’s improvised songs. Tina’s obsession with asses. Gene’s completely inappropriate behavior in every situation. Louise’s everything. The best holiday specialties are the ones you can go through during the season. I’ll be watching a lot of weird turkey action this week, you can bet on your sweet word games. – Jill Pantozzi

We are grateful for: Dune

Dune's cast as seen on the poster.

Who doesn’t love this crowd?
Picture: Warner Bros.

When Warner Bros. first announced that it was making a new version of Dune, my first instinct was to buy a book. And so I did. I dragged about 30 pages into it, stopped and put it off for a few years. Dune’s density made it a great weight for paper and everything else it is impossible for me to enter without some context. of course I could watched the Movie David Lynch, but I decided to wait a few years for Denis Villeneuve to finish his film so I could learn all about Paul Atreides and the sandworms.

Rewind to 2021. I watched a Denis Villeneuve movie, I liked that, and like many of you, I wanted to know what came next. So I deleted my copy Dune and was immediately transported to Arrakis. I finished that book, I finished the second book, and I’m currently reading the third. Frank Herbert’s imagination has become my place to escape in the last few months and although it has been available to me literally my entire life, the fact that I have only now fully discovered it has been a blessing. – Germain lussier

We are grateful for: Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty cross the galaxy, as do they.

Always something with these two.
Picture: Adult Swim

Rick and Morty aired its episode for Thanksgiving Spectacular (or rather, “Thanksploitation Spectacular”) back in July, at a strange time appropriate to disrespect the series, but also gives adores a convenient excuse to re-watch the episode — in which the plan to secretly obtain a presidential pardon fails in a mess of grotesque hybrids between a man and a turkey — or even a whole damn thing fifth season. For a show that often gives the impression of being overemphasized and, worse, over-commercialized, the animated sensation of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon continues to deliver a consistently smart heart as they devise adventures both intergalactic and intimate for Rick, Morty and the rest of the cast to get involved in. Not bad for a show that has been on the air, albeit sporadically, since 2008. – Cheryl Eddy

We are grateful for: Mobile Suite Gundam

Gundam suit shoots from a huge gun on a blue background

I believe in the sign of son-in-law, honey
Picture: Sunrise

Last year’s still ongoing, still horrific global pandemic brought me back to the world Gundam fold thanks to a a legion of plastic model sets I spent my free time building. While I returned to anime last year—mostly Gundam Wing, which I discovered didn’t hold up like when I was a teenager I first saw him a few decades ago – that was until 2021 and the release Mobile Suite Gundam: Hathaway on Netflix, that I really decided to revisit one of my favorite animated series of all time. Starting from the very beginning, I went through famous shows and movies like 0079,, Zeta,, ZZ,, Charov’s counterattack was impressive,, Unicorn, i Origin in my spare time so far this year, I have watched OVAs that I have never seen before F91, and restarted the old favorites Victory i Turn A. I’m reviewing them again for the first time in a few years, especially with a great series of podcasts to watch / analyze The Great Gundam Project, re-ignited what I love most Gundam, from his penetrating views not only on the war but also on imperialist and capitalist forces that drive conflicts, what it has to say about the future of humanity, and perhaps one of my favorite science fiction concepts: evolved space noids that are GundamNew types, empaths forced to use their powers as a tool of battle instead of a universal connection. And yes, robots are also pretty cool. – James Whitbrook

We are grateful for: Modern Pokémon cards

Gigantamax Gengar which uses some kind of tongue attack.

Gigantamax Gengar shown on the package for Fusion Strike.
Picture: Pokémon Company

Something that did not attract nearly enough attention in the current reporting Pokémon card game‘s The renewed popularity is how much recent sets have put the emphasis on turning chase cards into intricate little works of art. When Pokémon cards first took to the streets in the 90s, the symbol of rarity on the card and whether it was holographic or not were the two big metrics that most people used to determine if a card was worth it or not. While evaluating cards in this way might make sense from a strict Collecting ekonomske and economic perspective, it has never been one that could appreciate the illustrations themselves.

Over the past 25 years, as game mechanics have changed and evolved, and the maps have taken on new forms that emphasize the text less and the more dynamic scenes of the monsters they depict. There’s something distinctly exciting about splitting into a pack of cards and spotting a picture of whole blood sticking out of a pile of cardboard. It’s not just that there’s a rare map inside, but often these maps show scenes that should provoke the idea of ​​bumping into a wild majestic, unexpected creature and being so taken aback that all you can do is stare at it. It’s a cool way to translate an element Pokémon experience video games on physical media, and one of the better ideas that tThe Pokémon Company has had it in recent years. – Charles Pulliam-Moore

Well, that’s us! Leave a comment below and share something you’re grateful for this year—ddoes not necessarily have to be pop-related to culture.

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