Tesla is stopping the introduction of FSD Beta to drivers, citing concerns

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The planned introduction of Tesla’s beta version of the fully self-driving 10.2 to approximately 1,000 Tesla owners with “perfect” safety ratings was postponed on Saturday. Explaining the delay, CEO Elon Musk said there were “several last-minute concerns about construction.”

Tesla’s owners were overwhelmed with excitement earlier this week when Musk announced that approximately 1,000 drivers with perfect safety ratings– on a scale from 0 to 100 which the company uses to determine whether the driver will have a future accident – on Friday at midnight they will receive FSD beta version 10.2. Contrary to its name, the software does not allow Tesla’s cars to drive themselves. It provides assistance on highways and city streets, but requires driver supervision at all times.

As with everyone Musk deadlines, this one was taken with a grain of salt. In the end, Tesla did not present the FSD.

“Several last-minute concerns about this building. Release probably on Sunday or Monday. I am sorry for the delay, “said the executive director tweeted early Saturday.

Musk did not describe in detail which last-minute concerns caused the delay. However, it is no surprise to hear that FSD 10.2 has problems. Approximately two months ago, Tesla said that FSD beta version 9, which was delayed for years, “could do the wrong thing at the worst time”.

Tesla’s initial plan consisted of releasing version 10.2 for about 1,000 drivers with a score of 100/100 and analyzing how they worked with the software for a few days. If the release he looked good, Musk explained, 10.2 would gradually begin to be introduced to drivers with grades of 99 and below. The FSD system has been operated by almost 2,000 drivers for almost a year without accidents, the executive director said he said in September, adding that it was necessary to stay that way.

“The FSD beta system can sometimes seem so good that vigilance is not necessary, but it is. Also, any beta user who is not too careful will be launched, ”Musk said at the time.

According to Tesla’s website, the driver’s safety rating is based on five metrics called “safety factors,” which are: 1,000-mile collision warnings, heavy braking, aggressive turning, unsafe tracking, and forced autopilot shutdown. A higher score indicates a a safer driver, the company claims, and most drivers are expected to have a safety rating of 80 or higher.

Tesla has recently come under fire from regulators, such as the National Transportation Safety Board. The head of the agency, Jennifer Homendy, told Wall Street Journal in September that the company should not release the latest beta version of FSD until it addresses security flaws in its technology.

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