T-Mobile says it will pay off for your phone if you change

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T-Mobile has a contract that will pay you the phone in exchange for your business.
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Carriers will stop at nothing to distract you from your current plan. T-Mobile is known for pushing free add-ons and lowering prices to keep its customers in the market, and now it is offer $ 1000 pay off your smartphone with your current operator and switch to the pink side.

T-Mobile will help you jump in from today by offering up to $ 1,000 for each of up to five qualified unlocked devices via a prepaid Mastercard card, as well as a 20% discount on the family plan. The deal is aimed at AT&T and Verizon customers who are dissatisfied with their operators’ 5G networks. These users can switch to T-Mobile’s Essentials plan, which costs $ 27 per line and includes unlimited calls, text and 5G data, plus data on the mobile access point up to 3G speeds.

T-Mobile writes in small print that a virtual Mastercard may take 15 days to be administered, after which you will have six months to use it.

T-Mobile desperately wants you to consider it the best. The carrier wants you to know that it is highly ranked in various third party speed tests and cites Ookla’s Speedtest as its barometer for network performance. Speedtest found that T-Mobile was the fastest mobile operator in the U.S. with an average download speed of 62 Mbps on the latest smartphone chipsets, and AT&T and Verizon are in solid second and third place.

PCMagIndependent network tests of the company also revealed that T-mobile has the fastest consistent download and upload speeds of the 5G network. However, Verizon is ranked as having the highest download speeds, helped by the use of mmWave spectrum by the company.

T-mobile’s offer is certainly attractive to anyone who has problems with the performance of its current operator. But its significant failures over the past year are a reminder that all operators come with their own set of problems. Earlier this year, T-Mobile lied about the spectra he would maintain for his Sprint merger to be approved. And recently it has experienced a huge data breach where hackers stole sensitive data from about 49 million customers and even potential customers. T-Mobile offers a free service identity theft protection through McAfee’s ID theft protection service as a result of this, but it’s hardly free for the client.

If you’ve been thinking about a change like I am because you feel you’re paying too much for an operator that doesn’t meet your needs, consider accepting T-Mobile’s contract. Just remember to read the small print, because each carrier has its own warnings.

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