T-Mobile refuses to promote a $ 100 discount for the Apple Watch Series 7 to customers

Apple announced a promotion on its website where T-Mobile customers are entitled to a $ 100 discount on the Apple Watch Series 7. Some customers who took advantage of the offer were reportedly denied the promised rebate. However, Apple’s website still lists a promotion that runs from October 8 to December 31.

Under the terms of the online store, customers can “Buy a limited time Apple Watch with GPS + Cellular directly from Apple and receive a virtual prepaid Mastercard of $ 100 after activating their new Apple Watch on new T-Mobile data eligible plan.” Unfortunately, some customers who tried to use the virtual MasterCard were unsuccessful.

The promotional offer promises that eligible customers will receive a confirmation email when they activate their Apple Watch Series 7. After that, the promised credit should arrive in six to eight weeks. Some T-Mobile users denied the discount and claimed that support staff said the promotion did not exist.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman tweeted that the operator wrongly denies customers the discount advertised by the iPhone manufacturer.

Responding to the tweet, some distraught users confirmed that they also received the same e-mail about T-Mobile’s rejection. Other Twitter users claimed to have faced similar problems in favor of T-Mobile’s $ 200 debate on the iPhone 13. The thread of response was interspersed with similar problems reported by Verizon users.

T-Mobile’s official support account offered a glimmer of hope and responded to at least three customers. Here is one of those answers:

Verizon customer support staff is reportedly also investigating complaints.

Our Take

This appears to be a case of corporate miscommunication between brands regarding the exact terms under which a promotional rebate will be issued. However, if you are one of those affected by this problem, we invite you to contact Verizon and T-Mobile on Twitter and via email.

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