T-Mobile postpones shutdown of Sprint 3G until March 31, 2022

T-Mobile will wait some more time to shut down Sprint’s 3G network. The Verge reports T-Mobile has postponed the shutdown of the CDMA network from January 1, 2022 to March 31 of that year. The carrier attributed the delay to “partners” who did not “send” to help their customers switch to newer network technology.

This would reportedly give partners “every opportunity” to meet their obligations. “There should be no more room for excuses,” T-Mobile said.

The explanation seems to be a not so subtle attempt to attribute the blame to Dish. The satellite TV provider bought Boost Mobile from T-Mobile in July 2020 and planned to use Sprint’s legacy network until it could move Boost users to its 5G service. Dish claimed that this did not give him enough time to migrate his customers, and accused T-Mobile of anti-competitive behavior aimed at pushing Boost exiles to T-Mobile.

This may be a response to both Dish’s original accusation and the consequences that followed. The Justice Department told Dish and T-Mobile in July that it had serious concerns about shutting down the Sprint network, asking the two companies to do whatever it takes to reduce the blow. Delays could address those concerns and reduce the chances of more serious government control.

Delayed shutdown is still not ideal. T-Mobile expects to close Sprint’s LTE network on June 30, 2022. This leaves a period of three months in which Boost users can have LTE access, but nothing else. Although you will probably make a decision by the end of March if you are a customer, this will not be a gradual change for some users – they will only have a short period of limited Boost service before they have to accept 5G.

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