T-Mobile and Verizon are canceling a frustrating, unreliable rebate program for the iPad

The iPad mini is so compact and comfortable to hold that you can carry it wherever you go!
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T-Mobile and Verizon have canceled a discount program for the iPad that offered customers up to $ 200 when they activated the mobile device. The move followed growing complaints about the program’s reliability.

Many users who tried to take advantage of the promotion encountered frustrating responses and poor customer service from both operators, who reportedly denied on several occasions that the rebate program ever existed.

Rebate programs are a problem for T-Mobile and Verizon

Apple advertises discounts on its website for a host of mobile devices – including the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. But the promotions are actually led by the operators themselves, who have complete control over the offers.

It seems, however, that there may have been some cross-wires somewhere when it comes to discounts offered by some operators, which have denied customers a prepaid Mastercard to which Apple claims to be entitled.

The problem first surfaced in November when it was announced that T-Mobile and Verizon were refusing to honor a $ 100 rebate on the Apple Watch Series 7 advertised on Appleā€™s website. But that’s not all.

It turned out that both operators also refused discounts on the iPhone and iPad, which led to a very frustrating experience for a whole bunch of customers who tried to redeem the credit promised to them when buying.

The rebate program for the iPad has been discontinued

Instead of addressing the obvious communication issues to make it easier for customers to ask for their discounts in the future, T-Mobile and Verizon have now decided to cancel the promotion entirely for the iPad.

All mentions of the loan, which was up to $ 200, were deleted from Apple’s website. It is not mentioned on the T-Mobile or Verizon websites either.

It is not yet clear what this means for customers who bought a mobile iPad before the promotion was canceled. It is definitely worth trying to ask for any rebate that has been promised to you, but there seems to be no guarantee that you will get it.

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