SYFY and USA Don Mancini Horror Series Updated

A Chucky doll from Child’s Play holds her hands over her mouth in a scene from his TV series.

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Picture: SYFY / USA network

The Chucky TV series is a hit — and devil doll he will be back for another season to continue his an overall trained reign of terror.

USA Network and SYFY, which run the series, have announced this Chucky it was one of the two best new cable series for viewers aged 18 to 49. (The other was (SYFY’s Alan Tudyk in the lead role Resident Alien.) This is followed by the series’ attempt to capture younger viewers (by casting teenagers like its main characters) and at the same time delights fans of classics Child’s Play horror movies (returning actors from a cult beloved Don Mancini films, including Jennifer Tilly and Alex Vincent, as well as Brad Dourif as the voice of Chucky).

“We are thrilled to be starting to pull the strings in the second season of puppet chaos Chucky, “executive producer Mancini said the same Media Release. “Many thanks to our US partners, SYFY, and UCP for their incredible support and guidance Chucky on a small screen, bigger than ever. And to fans, Chucky sends his still immortal thanks and message: ‘This is not over, not far away. You better watch your back in 2022! ‘”

Speaking of the show and press event in front ChuckyOctober premieresaid Mancini that he was excited to work within a TV format, as opposed to making another Child’s Play film, because of the “real estate of greater narration”. He elaborated: “WWe have more time to involve you in these characters, who at first look like they are one, but then you learn a little more about them and we start peeling onions I think having more time and space increases the tension because you get to know them a lot more as human beings than you can in a 90-minute film. ”

Tthere are no words yet whether Chucky Season Two will continue the story of the first season or start a whole new story for Good Guy Gone very bad, but you can still be excited watching the little teaser that announces the renewal below (noting that the release date is just “2022). Meanwhile, the season finale of Chucky arrives tomorrow, November 30, o USA and SYFY; you can stream the whole series (and you should — ieThe camp is, fun and bloody as hell!) starting Dec. 1 at Peacock.

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