Stunning 3D renders of ‘Apple Car’ take Cupertino products and patents for inspiration

Taking Apple products and patents for inspiration, a UK-based leasing company called Vanarama has offered a detailed look at what it thinks the first Apple Car might look like. You can explore the 3D concept of rendering inside and out.

Vanarama said that he based his speculative design – a coupe SUV – mainly on “real patents filed by Apple”. The characteristic silence of the technology giant from Cupertino about its plans for the car left Vanaram to his own imagination, supported by the existing Apple design and patents that Apple has applied for or won.

Fully rotating chairs, wagon doors, open windows

The wagon door opens outwards, allowing unobstructed access.
Photo: Vanarama

Several features in the renderings are based on Apple patents. They include the way the seats rotate completely, which can turn the interior into a living room space. And the pillarless design allows access through wagon doors that open outwards from the middle.

The wagon doors “provide more flexibility for moving and loading passengers, with open windows that increase headroom when boarding,” Vanarama said.

Fully rotating seats make the car cabin more like a living room.
Fully rotating seats make the car cabin more like a living room.
Photo: Vanarama

Extensive voice assistant, custom dashboard and navigation

Another patent-based feature is the Siri built into the steering column. That’s from a patent for an intelligent automated assistant, of course. Another patent-based choice is an integrated, customizable dashboard and navigation screen.

Siri is built into the steering column.
Siri is built into the steering column.
Photo: Vanarama

Some aspects of vehicle design are based on Apple products. These include retractable door handles that look a bit like iPhone buttons and a mesh-like grille that resembles Mac Pro vents. On the grille, the glowing logo resembles the logos on some versions of the MacBook. Vanarama also said that the matte white finish of the car is the “popular color scheme of the iPhone 4”, which was launched in 2010.

See the complete Vanarama image gallery.

Plans for a real Apple Car

Apple's actual plans for the car remain a secret, and the launch is likely in at least a few years.
Apple’s actual plans for the car remain a secret, and the launch is likely in at least a few years.
Photo: Vanarama

Apple’s filing of patents that could be related to car development does not guarantee anything, but it supports the widely published idea that the company continues to engage in car development, despite the obvious delays and delays.

Reports show that Apple is making progress in developing a car designed by Apple. Observers expect the company to make a fully autonomous vehicle. There was talk of a vehicle without a steering wheel or pedals for completely free driving. However, some controls may be needed so that a person can take control of the vehicle in an emergency.

According to speculations, the deadline for launching Apple’s self-driving car could fall from 2024 to 2027. Most bets target the last two-thirds of that range, 2025 or later.

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