Stick to the low profile with Rode’s discreet new Lavalier II microphone

Rode Lavalier II offers broadcast quality recording in a small package.
Photo: Rode

Australian company Rode Microphones has unveiled its new Rode Lavalier II microphone, a major update – or small, literally – to its original premium lavalier microphone introduced about ten years ago. The low-profile design of the new microphone makes it discreet and easy to hide under clothing.

Rode said the new microphone has “sound quality at the broadcast level” with a flat frequency response and an omnidirectional polar recording pattern.

The microphone cable has a 3.5 mm locking TRS connector, which allows you to screw it into standard lockable TRS sockets. The microphone comes with premium accessories that include a pop filter, furry windshield, mounting clasp, colorful ID rings and a case with a zipper.

Lavalier II microphone

The new Lavalier II takes advantage of capsule technology to give it a unique shape factor that allows it to stand flush with clothing and other surfaces, Rode said. This makes the microphone discreet and easier to hide, giving users more freedom in setting up the microphone.

Rode pointed out that the microphone provides sound of the quality of broadcasting with a flat frequency and an omnidirectional pattern of raising the sound. It is suitable for a variety of recording applications. You can use it for vlogging, YouTube content creation, and even for filming and broadcasting.

The microphone goes well with Rode Wireless GO II and the recently released Rode AI-Micro interface, Rode said.

Premium accessories

It comes with premium accessories including a pop filter, a mini fur windshield for outdoor use and a mounting buckle. A set of colored identification rings helps color microphones when several are used. A handy bag with a zipper helps to organize things.

At $ 99, the Rode Lavalier II is significantly cheaper than the original Rode Lavalier ($ 249). And that’s only about $ 20 more than Rode Lavalier GO.

Price: $ 99

Where to buy: Rode

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