State officials think the fire is far from the fire near Redding

Fire Fawn on Thursday in California.
Gif: Wildfire warning

At first glance, the image of the waves of smoke above looks like something from an apocalyptic horror movie. However, if the climate crisis has taught us anything the last couple of months, that’s it fire i dim are unfortunately part of the new normality for now. So no, the picture above is not a movie: it’s a real scene from the new Fawn fire.

The Fawn fire started Wednesday in the Mountain Gate area near the town of Redding,, located on Interstate 5 about two and a half hours north of Sacramento. By Thursday, the fire had arrived spent more than 5,000 acres, threatened 2,000 buildings, destroyed 25 structure, and asked from evacuation of 4,000 people in Shasta County. The situation affected 30,000 people, a Sheriff Michael Johnson declared the local county early Thursday.

According to latest update from Cal Fire the Fawn fire burns on steep, uneven terrain, making it difficult for firefighters to contain it. In addition, the ministry said windy conditions during Wednesday night caused a fire in many areas. The Fire Fawn is currently 5% under control.

Although Cal Fire Shasta Trinity unit a spokeswoman said Los Angeles Times that the cause of the fire is still being investigated, it is said in ward a newspaper statement that he arrested a woman suspected of causing the fire.

Cal Fire identified the woman as Alexandra Souverneva, a 30-year-old from Palo Alto. Employees saw Souverneva enter the area near the JF Shea and Mountain Gate quarries and “He’s acting irrational.” Cal Fire and other fire agencies went to the area to answer to a reported fire of vegetation near the Mountain Gate when they saw Souverneva coming out of the bushes near the firing line. She told the firefighters that she was dehydrated and that she needed medical help, which she received.

“CAL FIRE police officers then spoke with Souverne and information was gathered that led officers to believe that Souverne was responsible for causing the fire,” the department said. “She was subsequently arrested, then transported and transferred to Shasta County Jail.”

Cal Fire recommends that the Shasta County Attorney’s Office charge Souverneva with a wildfire, which will get an improvement because California is currently in a state of emergency due to forest fires.

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