Star Wars Haslab Rancor includes a Bidlo Kwerve skull figurine

A toy made of a plastic white skull, which is actually a toy of a smaller (and yet very influential) character from Biddle Kwerve’s Star Wars.

Alas, poor Bidlo! I knew him, Luke: a smuggler of endless jokes, supreme imagination.
Picture: Hasbro

U Star Wars‘galaxies far, far away, often tell us that the most incredible heroes can come from nothing to save the universe, to fight for light against darkness. But now, we reject the prophesied elect and destined bloodlines to truly celebrate the most important, lowest heroes in the best way Star Wars can: commodity goods.

Hasbro has revealed a new level of support for its upcoming Star Wars: The Black Series Rancor size 6 “, one of several projects of toy manufacturers is currently collecting support for with his Haslab platform for crowdfunding campaign. Although Rancor – which has an impressive 17.5 inches tall – will need 9,000 props at a cost of $ 350 to successfully enter production (at the time of writing, at about 5,100, with a deadline of December 6), the company is already enticing people to jump in with more support awards if the project exceeds its initial goal. With 11,000 supporters, Rancor will come with a figure of the Gamorrean Chewing Guard. Exciting! But now, the company has revealed that if 13,000 people support the project, they will get … some bones?

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Really, because this is it Star Wars and the most banal things can seem incredibly stupid unnecessarily detailed background story, this is actually kind of exciting. That means one of the ultimate heroes The return of the Jedi, of Star Wars even at liberty, he will finally get his: so people, one of the skulls involved none other than Bidlo Kwerve, the bone that saved Luke Skywalker from certain death.

You get, of course, much more than a Beadle bottle: the set explicitly includes the bones Luke used to save his life, the bone he rammed into Rancor’s mouth, and then the Beadle skull, the missile Luke used to activate control of the gate that killed him. a huge beast. But it also has a Gamorean skull, a Towntown skull, two Twi’lek skulls – one male, one female –a few chest and several small pedestals for their display designed to look like Tatooine’s sand dunes. For good measure, there’s also a cardboard wallpaper for the Rancor lift pit, as it would be funny to turn that into a complete set for the game. Satisfy yourself with your skulls. And be content with Biddle’s skull, because he is a hero! If Luke hadn’t stopped Rancor, he would never have faced his father, brought Anakin Skywalker back to the light, killed the Emperor, and helped destroy another Death Star! Star Wars it would never be the same! [Editor’s Note: James Whitbrook being overly dramatic? Who would have guessed? – Jill P.]

But it’s also a skull with a ridiculous amount of background. You see, in the old EU, Bidlo was turned into a whole character to explain how his skull got into the Rancor pit in the first place. He was a smuggler who, of course, knew Han Solo – because everyone was inside Star Wars ever in history ever met either Bob Fett or Han — and one of two rival officers in Jabba’s criminal union struggling to become Hutt’s major. Against Biba Fortune, the duo actually helped secure the purchase of Rancor for Jabba’s palace, as a gift to their master – but when Jabba rewarded the duo with a choice to either become his major or receive a greater “honor”, Kwerve chose the latter, only to he would discover that this “honor” was that he became Rancor’s first official victim. Womp womp.

His silly background may have been left to the EU, but the name Bidlo Kwerve – and the fact that Luke is throwing a skull – lives on in the present Star Wars canon. And now, maybe, they will live forever like a plastic skull in someone’s collection of action figures.

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