Star Wars ” Galactic Starcruiser will offer training for lightsabers

John Bojega, like Finn, holds a blue lightsaber in a snowy forest.

Picture: Disney

In the past, we talked about the upcoming Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser a resort that will allow visitors to live the craziest Disney approved cosmic fantasies. If you spend six thousand to feel like you’re in a movie that costs hundreds of millions already wasn’t tempting, you’ll be glad to hear that you’ll be able to fake those dreams to be a Jedi you always had as a child, but you could only make rolls of toilet paper or rulers from the Home Depot.

Like with Luke Skywalker new hope, there will be a station to practice using a lightsaber, although from the video below, this mostly involves striking a sword into a beam. Unfortunately, these lightsabers are not that the cool ones look like the “real ones”. which were discovered back in May. There also seems to be none of that wild ass with sabers who made up most of the prequel fights, we are firmly in the territory that lightsabers are weapons A more civilized age. At least it seems to really test your reflexes, and should be a fun challenge if you’ve been in the old “Simon” game. Just be sure to watch out for the young.

You may not want to be a Jedi, you may want to feel more like steering a starship for the Republic. (Or the Rebels, the Resistance, you see.) The Starcruiser Bridge will fulfill those wishes, and you can take the ship into hyperspace, which looks like it will be really cool in the first person. However, bad news if you are a parent, because all the buttons can be pressed on the bridge. There’s also a station where you can defend a ship like you’re in a real space battle, with TIE fighters screaming and knitting around you as you try to blow them to pieces.

It may be a fun experience one day, but if you don’t already know how to get in, you won’t be able to Galactic Starcruiser for good, for a long time. It will be when it is in March sold out at least until July. I guess you’ll have to come to terms with that that $ 4 comic. Just pretend the problem is a mini-lightsaber after reading it.

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