Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser in several books, ads for children

Illustration of a galactic star cruiser Halcyon rushing from the Starlight Beacon space station into the depths of space.

Interior art from Star Wars: High Republic: Mission to Disaster by Petur Antonsson.
Picture: Lucasfilm

In the old Star Wars The expanded universe, it seemed as if every character, no matter how small, had an encounter with Han Solo. In the new canon, everyone will be connected to Halcyon in some way, aka Galactic Starcruiser, aka Walt Disney World’s funny expensive hotel/Star Wars LARP zone. Or at least it will eventually be, because Halcyon it will be part of not one but three new novels except that he acted in his own own comics, with more appearances along the way.

The first book will take the ship to the galaxy’s past Star Wars: High Republic: Mission to Disaster lähde: Justina Ireland. “Stories, there was an incident [at the Starlight Beacon space station] it requires the Jedi and the Republic to act quickly, and they need a large, powerful ship to come to the rescue, and Halcyon responds to that call. And when that happens, it sets an example for other ships to respond to that call, ”explained Lucasfilm Publishing’s creative director Michael Siglain at “Of course, something as high profile as it is Halcyon it also attracts attention Nothing. ”

Halcyon will also be part of George Mann Star Wars: The High Republic: The Battle for Starlight i Daniel José Older’s Star Wars: High Republic: Midnight Horizon, of which the latter will explore the background of the ship. Between his various appearances, Siglain said, “We will visit the Corellia shipyard, where it was built, and meet the genius behind this amazing ship.”

Here’s the thing: says Mission to disaster is a book for high school students, Battle for Starlight is for children and Midnight horizon is described as a novel for young people. I know completely Star Wars It’s designed to make a lot of money and a lot of cash, but it feels weird Halcyon appears in three books intended for children. It seems less like a storytelling decision, and more like a coordinated marketing incentive to get kids interested enough in the Galactic Starcruiser to endlessly torment their parents about it until they take them to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World. And this seems really nefarious, given that few families can afford the exorbitant $ 6,000 it costs to stay in a special themed hotel for just two days — and if they can, there are still a four-month waiting list.

Also, why Disney / Lucasfilm thinks his space hotel is so interesting deserves more impressions? It is hotel. Imagine it is the last act The Empire strikes back not set to Cloud City, but to Hyatt. Or I guess you can just buy Mission to disaster January 4, 2022. or Battle for Starlight i Midnight horizon later in the year.

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