Star Trek Prodigy season recapitulation — new crew, new technology, new adventure

The USS Protostar uses the third gondola in a row from the introductory titles of the series.

Let’s fly! Wait, wrong new Star Trek show.
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The first phase of Star Trek: Prodigy‘s launch has come to an end because the series is the right way to come Discoveryfourth season with a short break after only five episodes. But ProdigyDebut ended temporarily at a fairly high level, both in what he wants from his young heroes and in what he wants outside its wider universe.

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While the prime minister Prodigy saw young Dal (Brett Gray), Rok-Tahk (Rylee Alazraqui), Janko Pog (Jason Mantzoukas) and Zero (Angus Imrie) escape from prison at the Tars Lamora mining facilities, most of this first set of episodes saw them trying to escape from a completely different world: an M-class planet that children discover as they try not to be drawn into the stars and think how not to kill themselves while they are piloting a Starfleet experimental cruiser of which they know nothing. As for the mission “Cadets first away”, that is a good indicator that Prodigy he really knows what powers Star Trek, because things immediately go wrong as soon as children fall on the planet. Dal runs alone, causing the group to disintegrate immediately; the planet turned out to be semi-sensory and covered with hallucinogenic vines that feed on the victims while showing them the reality of their own desires; and Hologram Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) is left to take care of the ship and is now a very alone – and eager to escape – prisoner, Gwyn (Ella Purnell).

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It is, of course, a classic Star Trek a story of strength in unity that transcends divisions. One by one, we can briefly examine what drives each of these young beings – Dahl’s insecurity about his identity and his long-lost parents, Rock-Tahk’s desire to be part of the group and loved for what it is, Zero’s curiosity, Jankom’s desire. .. love of food and desire not to be killed on the murder planet? Which, you know, is fair, but not quite as emotional as the rest of the team. Faced with these desires and understanding that the balms offered by this hostile world are nothing but an illusion, teenagers come together to feel less like a mob that has escaped Tars Lamori, and a little more like Starfleet heroes Janeway wants them to already be .

It’s an onion that also applies to Gwyn, who spent a large portion Prodigy so far as a reluctant participant – first a loyal agent of her sinister father the Prophet (John Noble), then a prisoner of our heroes, and currently something like a free agent when he uses the chaos of the Planet of Murders (name is on hold, but it’s good, as Jankom claims) to try to measure it Protostar for his father and surrender his reluctant allies. However, it’s not long until Gwyn has to learn the same lessons as the others Prodigy co-stars have, they are both forced to work with them to survive by freeing themselves from planets full of vines that suck life i when faced with a sharp lesson that her father prefers to provide Protostar for himself for her safety. Abandoned by her family, Gwyn finds herself in the arms of a new one, and finally, our crew becomes whole, not eaten by deadly plants on their first mission. Huzzah!

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But the touching story of the found family is not all that Prodigy he had to offer while he was going to take a break. The highlight of today’s episode, “Terror Nova,”See Protostar the crew, now fully united with Gwyn, again avoids the Diviner’s grip by unlocking something rather surprising about the ship: it turns out that Protostar was named as such because Starfleet engineering literally put one at the heart of the spaceship, a secondary experimental engine at the top of its warp drive. It acts as a boost even at warp speed, channelthe energy of the newborn star drives Protostar not only beyond the grip of the Prophet, but also to distances unknown.

Modern Star Trek loves himself a dangerous prototype engine, right? It is certainly an interesting turnaround, which will undoubtedly remain unshakable Track fans who either complain or celebrate that out-of-warp speeds haven’t changed any of that Prodigy‘s stars in primordial lizards. But whatever Prodigy planned with his game-changing engine, there’s something pretty nice about the show with so many connections Star Trek: Voyager that one of his biggest trades was that Starfleet built a ship to avoid what Janeway and her team passed in the Delta Quadrant all those years ago… and then put her hologram on it just so she could see it in action, in some weird way.

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