Spotify reportedly causes battery drain issues on iOS 15; Fix Impending

Last week, Apple released iOS 15 for all users. Now users are complaining about abnormal battery discharge while using Spotify on iOS 15. Affected users have pointed out problems with battery drain on multiple internet platforms. Spotify has acknowledged the problem on iOS 14.8 and iOS 15 and promises a solution.

The Spotify support thread is flooded with iOS 15 users experiencing excessive battery drain. Most of the complaints were accompanied by battery reports supporting that claim. Meanwhile, the music giant says it has forwarded the complaint to its iOS technical team. However, Spotify did not mention any troubleshooting steps or workarounds. Users are stranded because Spotify has not given a specific time frame when the problem will be resolved.

A quick look at customer complaints on the support thread supports us to assume a problem with background activity. In other words, the background app seems to be draining the battery. At this point, no one is sure why this is happening. A significant portion of the report comes from iOS 14.8 and iOS 15 users. However, some Spotify users in older versions of iOS also appear to be affected by battery discharge issues. Users on older iOS can update to newer versions and see if the problem persists.

It is not clear whether the excessive battery discharge was caused by iOS 15 or an error in Spotify. Related to that, iOS 15 is plagued by bugs related to Apple Music, Apple Watch functionality and much more. Apple has promised to fix all known bugs with iOS 15.0.1, announcing later this week.

Having trouble draining your battery while using Spotify on iOS? Let us know in the comments below.

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