Spotify discards its auto-random play function and replaces it with the ‘play’ button

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Music streamer Spotify discards its random play button as the default option for album playback, replacing it with the more traditional ‘play’ button that other services like Apple Music already offer. The move came after Adele requested that her new album get such a button and is now available to everyone.

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According to Mashable, it all came about thanks to the arrival of a new album that Adele wanted people to listen to in turn.

On Saturday, Adele retweeted a post from the entertainment news Pop Crave, confirming that Spotify has removed the auto-mix feature on the premium version of her new album, 30. This means that subscribers listening to the platform will not have tracks randomly arranged by default. Instead, 30’s songs will play in the order designed for the album, unless the listener decides to mix them up.

Once Adele’s song got a ‘play’ button, it was only a matter of time before we would see her on every album on Spotify’s platform. And for sure, here we are.

Responding to a request for comment via email, a Spotify spokesman said the Mashable auto-shuffle would soon be removed for all albums on the premium (known and paid) version of the platform.

“As Adele mentioned, we can excitedly share that we started with the introduction of a new Premium feature that users and artists have long sought to be released as a default button on all albums,” they said. “For those users who still want to randomly change the album, they can go to the Now Playing view and select the shuffle switch. As always, we will continue to repeat our products and features to create the best experiences for both artists and performers. their fans. “

So thanks for that, Adele!

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