Spotify connects a view of the car, offering users no alternative

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If you got in the car and suddenly discovered that Spotify’s Car View feature had mysteriously disappeared, I’m sorry to have to say no, that’s not a mistake. Spotify actually announced – though it would have been “whispered” more accurately – that it killed Car View more than a month ago, but it looks like that until recently it did not arrive on a larger scale.

The disappearance of Emperor View was spotted Android Police, which indicated a announcement of the company moderator on Spotify community forums confirming that support for this feature will end in mid-October. This feature was available in the Spotify app for iOS and Android and offered a simplified version of its interface, including playback controls and song titles, and larger buttons for easy use while driving.

In the October response of Spotify on its forums, which referred to a question from a a user who could not access Car View,, The company’s moderator said he was “exploring new ways to provide the best in-car listening experience.” Until then, however, people who used Car View hoping for a similar feature or replacement from the company were out of luck.

“We can confirm that we are withdrawing the car inspection function,” the moderator wrote. “This, however, doesn’t mean we don’t want to improve the way our users listen to Spotify while driving. On the contrary, we are actively exploring new ways to provide the best in-car listening experience. Think of taking a look at cars as something that has to happen in an effort to make room for new innovations coming down the track. ”

In addition, as if to add salt to the wound, another moderator responded to the same post on community forums three weeks ago and said, oh, hey, we “also pull certain features like our in-car Now Playing for Android display.”

I think the announcement with all the characteristics of the car they killed would be easier.

Although Spotify did not offer alternatives to Car View, one of the companies moderators suggested that users use Google Assistant to control hands-free music. They also pointed to a feature on Google Maps that allows listeners on iOS and Android to control music playback when using the app. However, as the Verge notes, Google Maps doesn’t really help users who were hoping for something with big control keys like Car View (Google Maps playback controls are smaller than in Spotify’s now-dead feature).

Many Spotify users who commented on the post on the community forum were angry that the company withdrew the function without first offering a replacement and saw the move as an obvious attempt to promote Car Thing for consumers, $ 80 a smart car player designed specifically for cars that is currently only available for pre-sale in the US. Others said removing this feature promotes unsafe driving.

Honestly, I repeat what some of the commentators and media houses said about this. I don’t understand why Spotify couldn’t maintain Car View as it set out to “explore” new and better features. It also looks completely rude to take away a feature your users are used to and not offer them an alternative. Thumbs down, Spotify.

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