Spider-Man and Venom will eventually meet, says Serkis

Venom confronts Tom Hardy (and the chicken) in the movie Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Where’s that bastard Peter Parker, Eddie?
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In two weeks, the audience will watch the two biggest Spider-Man legendary the villains go from heel to toe, but web-slingshot myself it will be nowhere in sight. Venom: Let there be a massacre opens on October 1st takes over where Mega hit 2018 Venom with Tom Hardy in the lead role left. Down-na-his-happiness reporter It’s Eddie Brock he finally came to terms with the fact he has an alien symbiote live in it –itbut he will have to face another name Carnage, starring Woody Harrelson.

And although Venom and Carnage made their debut on the site for the first time Spider-Man comics, Spider-Man has his problems. In December, will unlock the multiverseaand, we suppose, will not only come across some other celebrities villains, but also multiple versions of themselves. Basically, neither Venom nor Spider-Man you still have time for each other. Ali Andy Serkis, director Venom: Let there be a massacre, knows that the audience wants it.

“Look, it’s a question on everyone’s lips,” Serkis said in an interview with IGN, via Strip. “They want to know if Venom will meet Spider-Man, but personally it will never happen. I’m just kidding, of course it’s going to happen. “

As a person whose life depends on this story about Venom working for an audience, which could then potentially set up more stories about Venom, Serkis clearly doesn’t want to see that encounter happen just now. (When Venom confronts Spider-Man, chances are he’s one of them … ahis name is not “Spider-Man.”) More, Serkis suggests that good things come to those who wait. “Look, it depends when you want to get there, and also what your appetite is,” Serkis continued. “If people want more stories about Venom, then to go straight to Spider-Man, you might miss so many great supervillains in the meantime. So you’re kind of in a hurry to close the door on that. ”

Think of Thanos. That Thanos was the first villain The Avengers the film, instead of just appearing for a moment at the very end, what would follow? Avengers: Infinity War i Endgame they were so successful and satisfying because it took them so long to get there. Stories take time to develop, and Serkis ’thought process here certainly sounds like two things are true. One, that one Sony there is planned a performance between Spider-Man and Venom. Two, ieIt will be something more significant than simply appearing in the film of the other.

Venom: Let there be a massacre comes out on October 1st. Spider-Man: No Way Home opens on December 17th.

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