Sora in OLED models Smash, Metroid Dread and Nintendo Switch, oh!

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Hello and welcome to another Nintendo summary. This week started with big news when the last Super Smash Bros fighter was revealed as Sora from Kingdom Hearts. In addition, we found that Kingdom Hearts games are coming to the Nintendo Switch, though not in the way many had hoped. Then on Friday, the OLED model Nintendo Switch and Metroid Dread were released. There is a lot to discuss about each of these topics, so let’s dive in now.

Sora comes a-Smashin ‘

On Tuesday morning, Super Smash Bros. fans. The Ultimate gathered around the screen to watch series creator Masahir Sakurai unveil the latest DLC fighter. On this last occasion, there were a lot of realistic predictions and inflated hopes, and some people were rewarded with a character they had long wanted: Sora from Kingdom Hearts. It will be available Oct. 18 and can be purchased individually for $ 5.99.

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Sorin’s revealing video begins with an amiib for all current fighters facing the cult flaming Smash logo that was unveiled in the game’s official announcements back in 2018. The flames are burning and all amiibo seem to be lifeless. Then a spark appears in the darkness. Mario woke up, moved forward, and shoved his gloved hand into the flames. He discovers a Keyblade that opens a magic keyhole and Sora floats through it accompanied by the iconic music of Kingdom Hearts.

As always follows the discovery of Smash Fighter, there is a mixed response to the fact that Sora is the last. Some players have been looking for him for years, and Sakurai has even revealed that Sora was the most wanted new fighter in the 2015 poll. , Doom Guy and Master Chief.

Kingdom Hearts Dive to the heart No Donald Goofy Higher

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Whatever your opinion, it’s impressive that Sora came in. He’s already connected to two other big companies – Square Enix and Disney – so it took a lot of negotiation to get him in there. Not to mention that the cult Mickey Mouse logo hanging from the Keyblade keychain must have been one of the biggest hurdles in licensing any of the fighters.

Unfortunately, his Disney friends don’t seem to be involved. Donald and Goofy were even decorated with an art nouveau-style painting seen in the Dive to the Heart scene shown during the presentation. But they would in themselves be another big licensing issue, so that’s not surprising.

All Kingdom Hearts games come on Nintendo Switch Cloud Streaming

Kingdom Hearts Sora and Goofy

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With the announcement of the Sora fight, Sakurai revealed that all Kingdom Hearts games join the best games on the Nintendo Switch, although they will not be available for download or in physical copies because they can only be accessed via Switch Cloud Streaming. Some people are upset about this, but it allows them to play the more graphics-intensive Kingdom Hearts 3 on the Switch without having to upgrade the console hardware or reduce the graphics too much. The exact release date has not been specified yet.

Metroid Dread explodes on the Switch

Metroid Dread Clean Image

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After months of waiting, Samus has finally returned in its brand new Switch title Metroid Dread which was released on Friday. The reviews were extremely positive, and many people said that the game fits perfectly into the existing series, while it is a real step forward. Our Samuel Tolbert is currently testing the game and his revision will appear sometime next week. As it turns out, this could only be material for Nintendo’s Game of the Year.

Metroid Dread amiibo also appeared on store shelves and quickly sold out on Amazon and other retailers. So, if you haven’t bought yours yet, you’ll need to pay attention to availability and move on to shopping whenever you can.

The OLED model Nintendo Switch was presented, which could theoretically support 4K

Nintendo Switch Oled model next to Switch V

Source: Rebecca Spear / iMore Nintendo Switch V2 up, down switch OLED model.

The OLED model was launched along with Samus and was in high demand. This is not surprising given how much better the screen displays colors and contrast. Seriously, I was surprised at how much of a difference it made when I compared my Switch V2 screen to the new OLED model. I’m currently working on a comparative piece that will appear sometime next week, so check it out.

If you want it but haven’t ordered a pre-order, you may be lucky enough to stop by Best Buy or some other retailer and make sure they have it in stock, even though some retailers have only procured enough to fill their pre-orders. If you are interested in shopping, you will need to pay attention to availability and move on to shopping as soon as it arrives at stock. I recommend using the Stock Informer as it can track several stores and notify you if inventory changes.

Now that the OLED model has come into the hands of the people, some have managed to tear it down and look at the new hardware inside. One of the biggest things to note is that HDMI has been upgraded from 1.4 to 2.0. This means it could support 4K if the software that does it allows it. As such, it is very likely that people who know the technique will hack the system and play with these resolution options.

It is possible that this hardware change was made with a larger plan in mind. After all, if the rumors about the increasing rumors about the Nintendo 4K kit and AI resolution turned out to be true, that could be the place where Nintendo will start with the next generation of consoles. However, it is equally likely that the old HDMI outputs were no longer available and that Nintendo was forced to make a change.

Until next week

Well, that was a lot, wasn’t it? We’re solid in October, which means Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are coming out next month, along with several other expected titles. But for now, I’m diving into Samus ’suite and running away from the EMMI robot while playing my new OLED model. I hope you play a fun game this weekend and see you next week.

Until next time.

- Rebecca Spear

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