Sony reportedly plans to launch its answer to the Xbox Game Pass this spring

The Xbox Game Pass has been a hit for Microsoft, and Sony seems set to respond with its version of an all-in-one game subscription service. The company plans to merge PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now into a new offering, which is expected to debut this spring, according to Bloomberg.

The service, codenamed Spartacus, would likely be available on PS4 and PS5 for a monthly fee. It is unclear whether players will be able to access it on other devices, although the report says Sony is investing more resources in cloud games. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate allows players to access over 100 Xbox titles via the cloud on PCs, phones and tablets. Microsoft is also planning for TVs.

It looks like Sony will discontinue the PlayStation Now, but keep the PlayStation Plus brand. Sony may not yet finalize how Spartacus will work, but the service could exist on three levels. According to the documents he reviewed Bloomberg, the lowest level would actually be the PlayStation Plus as it is now. The second level would add a “big catalog” of PS4 titles, with PS5 games to join later. The third and highest level would include cloud games, extended demos and, similarly, a bunch of older PS1, PS2, PS3, and even PSP games. However, these plans may not be stoned.

It is unclear whether Sony plans to bring its exclusive first-party products to service on the date of their release, as Microsoft does at Game Pass. Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan says the company will not “go the way of putting new titles in the subscriber model. These games cost many millions of dollars, well over $ 100 million, for development. We just don’t see it as sustainable.”

But the landscape has changed since Ryan’s remarks. First, Microsoft bought parent company ZeniMax Media this year. All of Bethesda ‘s games (except for a few timed PS5 consoles exclusives such as ) are on Game Pass, and future Bethesda titles like it may not come to the PlayStation at all.

While the Game Pass would probably be Sony’s biggest competitor in the gaming subscription market, it will be against several other big companies. and have subscription services, Amazon launched last year and in line with its existing plans. When it comes to cloud gaming (a category that Luna also belongs to), there are NVIDIA GeForce Now and Google Stadium, and even more.

PlayStation Now was one of the earliest big game subscription services when it debuted in 2015, but it had a pretty mild response. Players could only access PS Now games via the cloud until 2018, when they could access their console.

One of the biggest complaints we had about the service back then was the lack of notable games. Since then, Sony has brought some great games such as for a limited time.

By the end of Sony’s financial year 2020 it was. Microsoft in January said it had 18 million Game Pass members. For that and many other reasons, it’s a smart idea to get Sony back on the line and create a more robust subscription service.

Much like Microsoft, Sony has begun to look beyond the PlayStation console to bring its games closer to a new audience. In the last year, it has been published Horizon Zero Dawn i Days Gone on PC. Bundle Uncharted 4 i Uncharted: The Lost Legacy coming to PC in early 2022, as well as the 2018 reboot god of war.

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