Sonos introduces support for DTS surround sound

today introduces an update that will, among other things, add a welcome feature for home theater enthusiasts. Some of the company’s devices will be able to decode the surround sound format, which should help people get more out of movies, games and other content that supports the standard.

, both generations,, and all will receive DTS support. When your speakers play DTS Digital Surround audio, you will see a badge on the Now Playing screen of the Sonos app. both also support Dolby Atmos.

DTS is not as impressive as DTS: X or Dolby Atmos – the latter of which works on Sonos Arc and Beam (Gen 2). DTS supports 5.1-channel audio, but not 7.1-channel tuning or overhead speakers. If Sonos were to eventually introduce DTS: X support on the Arc (it seems unlikely to arrive on current Beam models), it would be a boon for Blu-ray fans. Still, broader support for surround sound standards is nothing to smell.

In addition, the S2 update adds a battery saving setting for both devices. When you turn on the setting, the speakers will turn off completely after inactivity for 30 minutes. You will need to use the physical power buttons to turn them on again. Sonos claims that when the speakers are completely turned off, the Move can keep the battery for up to 30 days, and the Roam for as long as 70 days.

Elsewhere, the Now Playing screen in the iOS app will have EQ settings. You can tap the volume slider and access the settings on the right side of the screen. Android users will get access to this feature in the next few months.

Meanwhile, Sonos has revealed some intriguing news for fans of surround sound. Support for i (supported by Apple Music) is coming to Sonos speakers “soon”.

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