‘Some problems’ are forcing Tesla to withdraw the latest full self-driving beta version

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Hours after the release of the Full Self-Driving beta software release – which, contrary to its name, does not allow the car to drive alone without human supervision – Tesla canceled it.

U tweet on Sunday afternoon, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said rollthe return was due to “some problems” with version 10.3, but did not specify what the problems were. Although tdriver cars that have received an FSD update should temporarily switch to using version 10.2, ” announced Verge yes after the rollback some users were incompetent to access FSD in general.

FSD 10.3, which Tesla began releasing to some drivers on Saturday and Sunday, reportedly added a number of new features.

According to the screenshot, the release notes published on r / teslamotors subreddit, they included “FSD profiles” that allow drivers to control behaviors such as stopping while driving, changing lanes based on speed, and tracking distances. Other new additions were improved creep speed, improved object speed estimation, improved semantic vehicle detection and reduced false decelerations, among many others.

Musk assured drivers that pulling the update was not uncommon. Earlier this month, Tesla postponed issuance from FSD 10.2 to approximately 1,000 drivers due to “last minute concerns” about the update.

“Keep in mind, this is to be expected with beta software. It is impossible to test all hardware configurations in all conditions with an internal QA, ie a public beta version, ”he said.

Considering that the problems with FSD 10.3 were enough to justify the rollback, it remains confusing that Tesla allows drivers to publicly test its beta software. The company’s public beta program has drawn criticism and concern from federal authorities, who said that Tesla should have fun “Basic security issues” before expanding the capabilities of the FSD.

It is possible that problems with autopilot and cruise control that have traffic awareness, or TACC, have contributed to reversing. (Only Tesla knows for sure). The driver who received FSD 10.3 said the autopilot and TACC were not available on his car after the update and he pointed out for Muska on Twitter. Musk replied driver and said the company is working to resolve the issue.

Others driver on Twitter also stated that his autopilot would not turn on and added that Tesla had constantly warned him of the lack of distance to the car in front of him even though he was watching secure distance tracking. The driver said that the car “caused a breakdown on the highway when it did [Autopilot] off.”

“It’s very scary to drive it like this,” the driver wrote.

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