Some new Tesla cars reportedly appear without USB ports

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Imagine spending more than $ 44, 000 for a new car — and in some cases more than $ 58,000—Just to get to your home without all your USB ports. In some cases there are only holes where the USB ports should be. This is reportedly what is happening to some Tesla owners who delivered their cars in November, and it is likely no pleasant.

New Electric report explains case of missing USB-C ports in new Tesla Model 3s and Model Ys, which the company allegedly attribution to global chip shortage. In recent days, the issue has come across a number of appeals from Tesla’s new owners on social networks who received deliveries starting on November 11th. However, it is not clear how widespread the problem is.

Cars seem to be missing USB ports on the back wall center console, although there are reports that the USB port in the back seat is also MIA. As if that wasn’t enough, the point of sale notes that the owners don’t have USB ports on the center console it also cannot start wireless charging. however Electrek reports that he is appearing cars are not completely without USB ports, they just don’t have everything.

Some of the affected owners were warned about the missing USB ports, while others discovered them themselves after they got their new car.

“I just got a call from Tesla about my Y LR model. I’m getting ready for delivery tomorrow, and obviously there are no USB ports installed in the car due to shortage “, Tesla Model Y owner he wrote on Reddit. They added: “I guess I’m looking for reassurance that the car is actually ready to go and I wonder if anyone else has taken over the delivery of this ‘incomplete’ car.”

In a later update, the Y model owner said their car lacks a USB-C port on the front and center consoles, but that it has matching ports on the back seat and USB-A in the glove compartment. However, their wireless charging pad did not work. The owner said yes were he told them could schedule a service appointment to have the ports installed “hopefully sometime in the next few weeks.”

According to Electrek, Tesla’s service has told some affected customers that they can schedule an appointment when parts are available, which should be sometime next month. Another Y model owner called Tesla support and he was told that retrofitting and installing USB ports would be free. I mean, fine, but too bad to ask.

If you look at the bigger picture, it’s not the end of the world. In most cases, if you can’t charge your phone on the center console or wirelessly, there are other ports in the car that you can use (however, you may need a very long charging cable). Still, you’ve paid a ton of money for a new car, it’s not over when it comes to you, and you don’t even know if you’ll have to pay to get the ports and wireless charging promised to you.

That’s fucking boring. Like Elmo burning in hell meme level is boring.

Gizmodo approached Tesla for comment on Saturday. It is unlikely that we will get a response from the company disbanded his PR department last year, but we tried anyway. We will update this blog in the rare cases we hear about.

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