Some 16-inch MacBook Pro owners report problems charging MagSafe 3 when the Mac is closed

Some 16-inch MacBook Pro owners seem to have identified a common problem that suggests the MagSafe 3 connector sometimes doesn’t deliver the expected charge when their Mac is turned off and the lid closed.

As noted on Reddit, some 16-inch MacBook Pro models, when turned off, fail to charge if the MagSafe connector is plugged in. Instead of glowing green, the MagSafe light flashes yellow and fails to supply power to the Mac battery. Some customers have contacted Apple Support to find a solution, with varying degrees of success. One user, in particular, said that after a long journey back and forth, Apple Support decided to send them a replacement laptop.

Then it’s not just me! I have SO the same problem. They went to a genius bar and tested with a cable and charger they have and still had the same problem. They said they would order a new 140 watt charger for me to see that they would fix it, but they said it was most likely a firmware problem, but they did not provide any evidence of such a thing. I went home and they called me Apple the next day. Someone called me to get in touch and they asked me a bunch of questions and gave instructions on how to run a special diagnostic program. After I did all this, they said they wanted to return my MacBook and its charger and that they would give me a brand new MacBook as soon as they got it. I’m still waiting for that, but I’m here right now.

A video posted on Reddit shows that when the MacBook Pro is closed, the light on the “MagSafe” charger flashes yellow several times and is accompanied by the typical charging sound effect for macOS. A consistent orange light means the MacBook is charging, while green indicates it is fully charged.

If your MacBook Pro is connected to MagSafe while it’s on and then off, MagSafe 3 continues to charge your Mac as expected. The problem only occurs with some users when they try to plug in the MagSafe connector when the Mac is already turned off. The blinking “MagSafe” yellow light is an indication that something is not working normally, and the Apple support page contains steps that users must take to get “MagSafe” back to normal. However, the steps don’t seem to work in reported cases when the MacBook Pro is turned off with the lid closed.

Not all 16-inch MacBook Pro owners face the problem, and MacRumors could not reproduce the error. Regardless, there are enough users facing a problem that Apple could solve in the near future.

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