Snapchat launches ‘Club Unity’ Mental Health Awareness and Support Initiative

Snapchat has launched a new mental health support initiative, as part of World Mental Health Awareness Day, where the app will team up with a range of celebrities on a new project called ‘Club Unity’, designed to raise awareness of key mental health issues.

As you can see in the introductory clip, the new initiative will bring together a number of celebrities from different backgrounds, who will talk about their own mental health challenges and encourage Snap users to take their own steps towards it.

The initial focus of the project will see how Club Unity will consider the need to increase support around the mental health and well-being of BIPOC and LGBTQ + youth.

As Snap explained:

As part of our first year of Club Unity, we got started a multi-year partnership with Active Minds, a mental health organization for students and young adults with a network of more than 800 campus departments at colleges, universities and high schools across the country. Our partnership will support the expansion of the Active Minds chapter at community colleges, HBCUs, and high schools to reach more BIPOC and LGBTQ + students. ”

In addition to this, Snap will host his first Club Unity Summit, where participants will have the opportunity to obtain official certifications from active minds in “Confirm, appreciate, refer ”, in order to help friends in challenges.

As of today, you can access the new resource package in Here for you, our in-app mental health resource center that deals with ways to start difficult conversations with friends, such as active listening tips and everyday affirmations. These resources are promoted in Snapchatters when they search for common mental health concepts such as anxiety, depression, and stress on Snapchat, and are designed to be easily shared with close friends and family to support each other through ups and downs. ”

It is an important initiative, with various research reports highlighting the impact of the use of social media on the mental health of teenagers, which were further exacerbated during the COVID pandemic. Current constraints and constraints have limited access to friends and other support resources, making it difficult for people to maintain perspective. And when you take into account that Snapchat reaches about 90% of children aged 13-24 in the US, the relevance of this project on Snapchat is especially clear.

Snap will post regular Club Unity updates, while users can access mental health support tools through the Here for You hub.

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