Snapchat is launching a new Holiday Guide to help you plan strategically

With less than 90 days left until Christmas, if you don’t have your own marketing strategy for the holidays, now is the time for action.

And if you want to expand your horizons or reach a new audience, Snapchat could be considered – and to help you do that, the platform released a new holiday marketing guide this week, which includes a range of insights to use and platform tips to help you help maximize your access.

You can download the full 16-page Snapchat holiday guide here, but we’ll take a look at some of the key points in this article.

First of all, Snapchat highlights key note trends in the season, emphasizing the importance of digital marketing in your process.

The pandemic has prompted more and more people to spend more time on their mobile devices, and as a result, e-commerce rates have risen to record highs. An extension of this is social commerce, where every social platform is now exploring ways to help brands present their products in a stream, with the goal of capturing users where they are most engaged.

Snape’s guide agrees with this, starting with an overview of effective campaign planning and strategy.

Snapchat Vacation Guide

The guide also lists targeting recommendations for your campaigns:

Snapchat Vacation Guide

Like Snaps different ad formats:

Snapchat Vacation Guide

Snapchat even provided a basic overview of best creative practices to help you access:

Snapchat Vacation Guide

It’s a simple, handy overview of the key elements of Snap ads and provides additional context to Snapchat’s previously published Holiday Marketing guide, which also highlights engagement trends and tips.

Combined, Snap’s holiday planning resources can help you decide on the appropriate ad formats and how to use them, while notes on usage will help you target and help maximize response.

If you’re even thinking about launching a holiday campaign on Snap, it’s worth a look because there may be elements you haven’t considered or that could clarify your thinking.

You can download the latest Snapchat holiday guide here, while Snapchat has also launched a mini-website for the holiday marketing center.

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