Snapchat is launching a new AR Shopping Showcase as part of its Push for the holiday season

Snapchat wants to expand its e-commerce credentials with the main showcase of its evolving AR tools, tied to Black Friday, marking the start of the last shopping this year.

Snapchat has partnered with a number of well-known brands on several AR-focused shopping initiatives, the largest of which is its ‘Snap Holiday Market’, which incorporates impressive AR shopping experiences from Amazon, Coca-Cola, Hollister, Under Armor, Verizon and Walmart.

As Snap explains:

Each brand will have a dedicated virtual store environment within the Holiday Market, where Snapchatters will be able to search for products and holiday offers in an AR space that is tailor-made and unique for each brand. ”

Snapchat Holiday Market

Available through the Lens Carousel in-app, the integrations will provide dedicated exhibition product presentations, including interactive elements and trial elements, along with pre-branding for each partner business.

Snapchat Holiday Market

As noted, the initiative aims to provide an overview of Snap’s evolving e-commerce tools, which could have significant appeal to companies looking to reach younger consumers and keep up with the latest trends in digital shopping.

In addition, Snapchat has also teamed up with the series fashion and cosmetics brands to add more AR-trial lenses and e-commerce lenses.

Snapchat Holiday Market

Various well-known brands, including Dior, American Eagle and Tory Burch, are participating in this broader shopping showcase, all of which will contribute to Snap’s greater push to make it easier to connect with young audiences through more comprehensive, engaging e-commerce tools

The rise of online shopping in the last two years has opened up new possibilities, and all major social platforms now want to connect and provide a more direct connection with their audience. Snapchat, in particular, wants to take the next steps toward more impressive, indicative AR tools and options, which are likely to have a more specific appeal to its younger audience, while also moving Snap ahead of other social apps in providing similar information. application purchase experience.

Snapchat is constantly developing its shopping options on the platform, which include physical and digital items – and even some projects that are compatible with both, with users who can create digital products in the app, which can then be ordered as custom physical pieces.

Creating a Snapchat digital item

And while it doesn’t have the same technology resources as Facebook and Apple, in terms of building for the next phase of AR, Snap is still likely a leader in space, with advanced AR testing tools and lenses that still provide more ways to make in-app purchases easier. so you can see how fashion items look on you, specifically, directly from your device.

Snapchat try the tools

Such developments have positioned Snap well to take advantage of the next wave of trade, and this new holiday exhibition will provide more insight into how Snap wants to provide an advanced platform for retailers to connect with customers in this next phase, which also relies on wider metaverse shift.

Which, of course, everyone is buzzing about now, as Facebook has legitimized the next platform by changing its name to ‘Meta’. However, no one knows exactly what the metaverse will be, but integrations and projects like Snap’s new tools provide more insight into how our physical and digital worlds will increasingly clash and how young consumers, in particular, will drive that change.

As an added incentive, Snapchat is also launching a new one a marketing campaign for the season, which will invite Snapchatters to “Scan for Purchase” via various Snapcodes, which will activate these new AR Lens experiences.

AR remains a central part of Snap’s efforts and will be a key part of the next phase. Indeed, Snap says it now allows over 6 billion AR Lens playback each day, highlighting the potential, and this new exhibition will no doubt spark much more interest in tools to connect to the next level of the app as a means of using eCommerce shift.

The following, then, are Snape’s own AR glasses, which could also come sooner than many think.

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