Snapchat announces new partnership with WPP to improve AR -aie store acceptance

Snapchat has announced a new partnership with advertising giant WPP in which the two will work together on new projects that will facilitate the creation of AR ads for WPP clients, helping to enhance digital ad opportunities for many more businesses around the world, while boosting Snapchat’s potential. income.

As explained in WPP:

With a special focus on e-commerce, the partnership combines Snap’s leading AR technology with WPP’s integrated capabilities in creativity, media, commerce and technology, enabling WPP customers to better connect with their customers on the Snapchat platform and achieve significant business results through AR.

Mentioning e-commerce here is important, as Snap is working on a number of new AR tools to facilitate e-commerce detection, including expanding the range of digital trial tools as well as virtual products for digital avatars, which is a growing area of ​​interest.

The main focus of the collaboration will be the development of a new ‘AR Lab’, which will facilitate the creation of AR ad campaigns, giving WPP customers exclusive access to Snapchat’s advanced AR features.

Snap will also work with WPP about new products and technology, and provide insight into user trends, and will train WPP staff on the development of AR tools and techniques.

The partnership will further develop WPP’s AR capabilities through a structured learning and development curriculum through AR Lab Academy, the industry’s first training program focused on AR technology and products. With the support of a dedicated Snap team, the program aims to certify at least a thousand WPP employees by the end of this year.

The partnership is a big win for both WPP and Snap. VE works regionally agencies in 110 countries and works with many major brands, giving Snap more opportunities to present its ad offering to large consumers.

This will also give Snapchat additional impetus and resources to continue developing AR, and with the advent of AR glasses and wider adoption of technology, it could help Snap stay at the forefront of the next key change, helping move the e-commerce to the next stage.

And for WPP customers, the potential is clear. A recent study commissioned by Snap indicates that by In 2025, almost 75% of the world’s population and almost all smartphone users will be frequent AR users.

Snapchat AR usage survey

Besides this, 94% of people expect to use AR more and more for shopping.

With advanced features, aligned with the growth of e-commerce and new technology that brings AR into the mainstream, the partnership could greatly provide significant opportunities for both companies.

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