Snapchat announces a new deal with Sony Music to expand the sound options in the app

Snapchat continues to expand its audio options, this time through a new contract with Sony Music Entertainment, which will allow Snapchatters to incorporate even more songs into their recordings.

As you can see here, the new offering will allow Snapchat users to incorporate even more popular songs into their posts, providing more creative potential and more ways for artists to get a more direct promotional benefit in the app.

Snapchat first launched his own option of music videos last October, which has since gradually expanded, recently with the addition of audio clips from a series of NBC TV shows and movies, as part of new contract with NBCUniversal.

This new deal, again, provides more options, while Snap is also testing new audio formats and tools, including Sound lenses with a pre-selected song built into the lens.

“The lens transforms images at any time to look like they’re singing a song, while Cameo Sound Lenses will apply visual effects to set you and a friend as the stars of your own animated music video.”

This will add even more creative capacity, and since music is a key part of the TikTok experience, it makes sense for Snap to align with it, and try to provide more appealing music-related options to take advantage of growing usage trends.

In which Snap has traditionally been very good. While Facebook struggled to build viral, AR tools that set trends, despite having more capacity to do so, Snap has consistently managed to attract more attention and bring more users into its app, by designing interesting, interesting lenses and options, each of which helps to maintain its position as an application chosen by many younger users.

These new lens types will contribute to this, while, as noted, the inclusion of more music, in line with broader usage trends, is another key way Snap can ensure it maintains a multi-user connection.

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