Snap is hosting a virtual Bitmoji concert to promote Jennifer Lopez’s latest film

Virtual events are the way of the future – and we’re not talking about outdated Zoom webinars and static live broadcasts.

No, the next phase of digital events will involve fully digital avatars in fully digital environments, where we have embarked on metaversion and interaction in completely new ways.

That’s why Snapchat’s new project is especially interesting – as Snap explains:

As part of the promotion of the upcoming rom-com for Valentine’s Day Marry meSnap and Universal Pictures is the host of the first virtual concert event of its kind to be developed Oz and with new music from the upcoming romantic comedy.

The virtual event, available on this page, will allow fans to sign up via Snapchat, with their Bitmoji the character is then added to the crowd, providing a whole new interactive experience related to your Snap presence.

Each Bitmoji avatar character will be able to:

  • Start a wave among a crowd of people hundreds other students of Bitmoji
  • Let the virtual pigeons into the arena when J-LO performs a love song
  • Activate a series of lasers to sweep the stage and the crowd for dramatic effect
  • And take advantage of many other interactive options – to perfect your virtual dance moves, blow bubbles, create hearts in the arena and much more.
Snapchat concert Marry me

A concert where new songs from Marry me soundtrack, is the first initiative of its kind for Snap, which could open up new promotional opportunities, while helping Snap learn more about the upcoming metaverse change and how it can best align with the strengths of the format to better integrate its platform and products.

Virtual concerts provide an interesting perspective on the potential of the next phase of digital connectivity, with Fortnite and Roblox online gaming networks hosting their own virtual concert events in recent years.

Some of Fortnite’s projects experienced huge engagement, with Travis Scott’s ‘Astronmical’ 2020 event attracting 27.7 million viewers to the game, and Ariana Grande’s ‘Rift Tour’ last year which was attended by 78 million players.

This audience, mostly younger users, represents the next phase of digital connectivity, and the fact that such events are already part of the way they engage and interact is a significant consideration in the upcoming metaverse change.

Because, although attending a concert like this might now seem strange, for an increasing number of people, it is already normal, and already as attractive as going to a physical event. While, as the example above shows, the complexity of these digital shows can be as wide and extravagant as your imagination can imagine, which will make it even more interesting and popular over time.

It will be interesting to see what response Snap sees to his first attack on Bitmoji concerts and how this will then guide his thinking about building meta-aligned experiences.

You can watch Snapchat’s virtual concert ‘Marry Me’ here.

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