Smart flashing holiday lights get HomeKit support through a new firmware update

Twinkly is starting to introduce a new update that brings the long-awaited HomeKit support for selecting smart holiday light models. First spotted in / Mattyd1986 on Reddit – and confirmed by a support document and our own testing, HomeKit support comes via firmware version 2.8.3, which is now available via the Twinkly iOS app.

Twinkly remote control using the Home app. Home is an iOS app available in the AppStore for your iPhone and iPad. Connecting lights to your home via HomeKit allows you to control Twinkly using your iPhone / iPad or via Apple TV and Apple Home Pod.

According to Twinkly, support for HomeKit is available for Gen II and Plus models, including classic wire lights, curtains, clusters and freezers in sets containing different amounts of LEDs. After updating to the latest firmware, the new HomeKit option will appear in the device menu for compatible Twinkly models, and all it takes is a few taps to get everything up and running.

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Once added to the HomeKit, Twinkly lights work like other smart lights in the Home app with available color controls, automation and stage capabilities. Users can also control Twinkly lights without the use of hands via Siri voice commands, and in our brief test, color changes and power state changes take effect fairly instantly.

If a dynamic scene or custom colors are used, turning on the Twinkly light via Siri or the Home app will restore the previous state. However, the Twinkly app will still have to switch between built-in effects as they don’t seem to be currently available through the Home app.

Twinkly lights are available at various retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy, and prices start at $ 70 for a set of 100 LEDs. Firmware version 2.8.3 with HomeKit support now runs for free via the Twinkly iOS app.

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