Skullcandy presents its voice platform on its latest headphones

When it comes to affordable wireless headphones and earphones, Skullcandy is rapidly rolling out new models. The company is known for its collection of genuine wireless and deforestation equipment that offers solid performance for much less than the competition. Today, Skullcandy announces two more sets of real wireless headphones – Grind Fuel and Push Active – both offering a compelling feature set starting at $ 80. The company also introduces its own voice platform, Skull-IQ, which allows you to do a lot of what your phone’s voice assistant can handle, but with more audio focus. Get ready to say a lot of “Hey Skullcandy”.

With Skull-IQ, Skullcandy has built a voice platform specifically tailored to control music and headphones — and probably future headphones as well. In addition to the new command, you will be able to play / pause, skip songs, adjust the volume, answer / reject calls, activate Stay Aware mode (ambient sound) and call your device’s built-in assistant. The company says it has prepared something new as well. Skullcandy explains that he was the first to offer access to Spotify via voice command. Many other companies give you the ability to launch a one-touch service (and they do), but Skullcandy says this is the first one that allows you to talk about it. Finally, the company promises that more features will come in the future via wireless updates via the Skullcandy app.

Skullcandy Push Active


As for the new headphones, some specifications are the same for both models. Obviously, there are differences in design because Grind Fuel is a more traditional true wireless headset, while Push Active is an option to hold over the ear for a more secure grip. However, both have a new Skull-IQ voice setting, as well as “superior sound,” that Stay Aware mode and what Skullcandy describes as noise-reducing microphones for calls. Two new models are resistant to sweat and water with an IP55 rating with built-in tile tracking technology. Both are equipped with built-in controls and a quick charge function that will allow you to listen for 10 hours after 10 minutes in the case.

Grind Fuel offers a few things that Push Active doesn’t have. Wireless charging and personalized sound through the in-app audio test are the two main ones. Grind Fuel also has 9 hours of battery life on the buds with another 31 hours in the housing. Push Active will last 10 hours with charging, while the case carries another 34 hours. Battery life isn’t the same for both, but it’s pretty close.

Push Active will cost $ 79.99 and Grind Fuel $ 99.99. Both are now available on the Skullcandy website and other retailers.

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