Siri is the least attractive part of Garmin’s new Venu 2 Plus smartwatch

Garmin Fitness Tracking has unveiled a new version of its Venu 2 Plus GPS smartwatch at CES 2022 – and this one lets you talk to Apple’s voice-activated assistant, Siri. If you like things like that.

Or, if you’re among the many people who prefer other helpers on their devices, you can talk to Google Assistant or Samsung’s Bixby. Previous Garmin smartwatches did not allow this. In addition, Venu 2 Plus also works with iOS and Android devices, Garmin said.

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Garmin Venu 2 Plus smartwatch with GPS

The Garmin Venu 2 Plus tracks many activities and offers smartwatch startup features. You get energy monitoring, stress monitoring, women’s health characteristics plus a pulse oximeter, among other health-oriented functions.

Garmin said that users can use their choice of voice assistants to do a lot from their wrist, such as sending texts, asking questions, managing smart home devices and much more.

The new smartwatch and tracking device also have security features, such as incident detection, plus a range of fitness features and pre-loaded workout types.

The smartwatch features of this wearable device include built-in music streaming, smart notifications, plus a dial and an app store.

And it looks good

By design, the Venu 2 Plus is housed in a 43 mm watch case with stainless steel frames. Other sizes for the Vena 2 Plus are 40mm and 45mm, but do not come with voice features.

The smartwatch has a Gorilla Glass AMOLED screen and its battery lasts up to nine days, Garmin said.

The Venu 2 Plus, which won the CES 2022 Innovation Award, retails for $ 449.99. It is currently available at Some models also seem to be available on Amazon. Comes in silver stainless, slate stainless and cream gold color.

Where to buy: Garmin or Amazon

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