Siri is losing all its functions and is now even less useful

Obviously not much.
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Siri is generally considered the dumbest of the smart assistants (although I’d ​​say Samsung’s Bixby easily takes that crown) and it just got even dumber. Apple has removed a bunch of useful Siri features that iPhone users relied on – especially those with visual impairments.

Siri can no longer play your voicemail messages, check your call history, send email and more. “I’m sorry, I can’t help myself with this” is a response that welcomes iPhone users trying to use features that were available before iOS 15 debuted in public nearly two weeks ago.

Siri loses useful features after updating iOS 15

“One of the people I support told me that he can no longer use Siri to send emails from his iPhone 8 with iOS 14,” a user wrote on the AppleVis forum for users of visually impaired Apple devices. “I tried my iPhone SE with iOS 15.0, and Siri’s answer was ‘sorry, I can’t help myself with that.’ “

“If it’s a deliberate removal of features, it’s certainly a loss for some visually impaired users who consider it an appropriate way to send short emails.” Therefore, this is not the only feature that Siri has lost MacRumors. The following requests, which previously worked, now have the same answer:

  • Do I have voicemail?
  • Play my voicemail messages.
  • Check my call history.
  • Check out my recent calls.
  • Who called me?
  • Send an email.
  • Send an e-mail to…

In some cases, for example when you are asked to check your call history, Siri will respond, “I can’t help myself with this, but you can ask me to open the Phone app.” But this is not particularly useful for those who find it difficult to see the app.

What happened to Siri?

Siri can still play the user’s most recent voicemail or a specific person’s voicemail if your carrier supports visual voicemail on iPhone.

It is not yet clear whether these changes are intentional or are the result of an error – or some other problem – that was introduced with iOS 15. One user on the AppleVis forum was told by Apple that he was “aware of the problem”, which could indicate that the changes they are not fully planned.

We asked Apple for a comment and we will update this post if we get a response.

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