Singapore will use robots to search for “undesirable social behavior”

One of these two "Xavier" the robots were supposed to patrol parks in Singapore, looking for smokers, motorcyclists on sidewalks and people gathering in violation of the pandemic rules.

If you’re going to be wandering around Singapore soon, take some time and say hello to your friendly neighbor.

Singapore’s Home Team Science and Technology Agency (HTX) will hire two robots called “Xavier” that the agency says use 360-degree field of view cameras and analytical software to detect “undesirable social behavior” in real time. First reported Business Insider, tThe robots are designed to detect activities such as public smoking, violations of pandemic restrictions (i.e., a group of more than five people), and the illegal sale of goods on the street. Other behaviors that the agency said robots could be snipers include the use of motor vehicles or motorcycles on footpaths and “improperly parked bicycles.”

Xavier robots move along a “patrol route pre-configured by public officials,” although they can deviate as needed to avoid bumping into pedestrians or other obstacles. The plan is for the two robots to transmit reports of such activities to the central police center, as well as to face violators directly with warning messages, and the first three weeks of deployment begin Sept. 5 at Toa Payoh Central.

“When Xavier detects any of the above, it will launch real-time alerts to the command and control center and display an appropriate message (depending on the scenario) to educate the public and deter such behavior,” HTX he wrote in a press release. If necessary, the agency added, those on duty at the command center can “activate additional resources to respond to situations on the ground when needed.”

The robots can also be remotely controlled by officers present at the control center, who can also activate a two-way intercom that would allow them to talk directly with citizens.

“The introduction of ground robots will help increase our resources for surveillance and enforcement,” said Lily Ling, director of the Eastern Regional Office of the Singapore Food Agency. “For example, the surveillance of illegal falconers may require a lot of people because it is necessary to deploy officers in different areas across the island. Adoption of robotics technology can be used to improve such operations and reduce the need for our officers to physically patrol. ”

This is not the first rodeo in Singapore. In 2020, Singapore’s National Parks Committee and GovTech deployed a four-legged Boston Dynamics robot, famous model “Spot”, wander the parks barking at people about social distancing during a coronavirus pandemic. Singapore authorities also transferred a fleet of dozens of drones over the parks to give officers a “high point of view” by which they could observe the number and density of visitors present.

Singapore has an infamously harsh legal law that is often considered one of the strictest in the world. He tried to control the spread of the new coronavirus by far-reaching measures, such as mandatory quarantine for visitors, Bluetooth contract tracking systems, business shutdowns and border restrictions, with the aforementioned Spot playing a small but very visible role. The virus has wreaked havoc there, despite more contagious variants appearing and this summer health authorities have shifted from a policy of eradication to control.

According to CNN, on September 7, estimates from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine show that Singapore had almost 69,000 cases (although only 55 people died). Singapore has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, but, as CNN reported, the outbreak of a highly contagious variant of Delta has stopped attempts to undo pandemic restrictions and return more prospects of normalcy to everyday life.

U.S. police have stepped up their use of drones over the years, raising it countless concerns about civil rights in the process. But their attempts to knock out snitch robots on the ground have met with considerable controversy after police in Dallas, Texas in 2016 used a robot with a bomb to kill the suspect who just killed five cops. New York Police Department bought his own Spot, along with a special hand that would allow him to open the door, but he was forced to do so remove from duty Thanks for mass reaction of the public ia City Council Order requiring him to know how much money the cops are releasing under the contract. Police administrations across the country have also begun to use it autonomous air drones who can fly on their own to monitor and answer emergency calls.

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