Signal Now allows you to call 40 people

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Great news for secret courts and activists and rising employees: Signal now allows encrypted video calls for 40 people. It’s good to keep in mind if you don’t want to take risks the police or foreign governments or your boss or technology companies inspecting your belongings.

Today, Signal published a detailed description of open source software Signal Calling Service which he developed to encrypt such large group calls. Instead of the awkward process of sending 40 videos directly between users, or the more vulnerable process of “mixing” all media together through a server, Signal used “selective forwarding,” where the server simply forwards media from one person to all participants. . They have developed a version that can handle more volume than the available open source SFU, which required a more complex process than that you can come in here.

Now that we are As the second year of the pandemic approaches, you may be familiar with how little we need to believe that other companies’ claims of “end-to-end encryption” actually mean that communication will be private (Zoom, WhatsApp). The boss can check your video conferencing activity on the company’s account, which extends to record your Zoom appointments, listen, download transcripts, and even check the private DM messages you send in the app. (Toobin was on Zoom’s call!) Zoom could appear himself, as indicated by the Ministry of Justice charges that the executive director of security based in China oversaw and interrupted calls related to Tiananmen Square. Zoom notoriously noted a bunch of security vulnerabilities. Video services can generally comply with government subpoenas for private content such as stored footage, which Signal cannot, because only there are none. Yit could pass crowd stairs to feel more secure or simply turn on an app that doesn’t hand over data.

If you’re wondering what you could do at work or talk to your family at all that would be humiliating or incriminating enough to interest management or a foreign government, I don’t know, the pandemic has become weird!

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