Share your memories, think creatively and enjoy photography again [Awesome Apps of the Week]

Whether you love great time-wasting games, want to experience a beautiful photo that used to be popular on Instagram, or want to save your favorite memories in a video, this week we have some great apps to watch.

My Wow Memories

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I’m a big fan of Apple’s “memories” feature in the Photos app. It’s a great way to rediscover past vacations or experiences. But sometimes, I want to curate a memory on my own terms, without waiting for iOS to take the lead. This is exactly what My Wow Memories does – and more!

With My Wow Memories, simply set the date range and location, and the app will automatically pull photos from your camera and edit them into a beautiful video montage. Using the “Wow Me” function, you can quickly create great featured rings of your own photos to share on social media or with friends. What’s more, the “Wow Us” feature allows you to invite friends or family to collaborate on a video, offering your photos and bringing those memories to life from multiple perspectives.

Similar to the Photos app, you can manually add, remove, or replace edited images, as well as replace other music or select a different score segment. However, unlike photos, the process is extremely simple. Check the box to add a photo or video, uncheck it to remove it. There are no duration or crop or time settings. Just create your memories and share them.

Price: free

Download from: App Store

Block doc

Blockudoku is a wonderful, fun, smart and cunning game that provides a lot of fun for creative thinking.

It happened again. I was browsing Instagram when a game ad appeared. Now I’m hooked on Blockdock, so I’m passing on my latest obsession to you.

Blockudoku is a completely new type of game that combines sudoku and a block-based puzzle (I mean Tetris). Each “round” of the game offers 3 pieces of different sizes and shapes, and your goal is to fill rows or squares (a la sudoku) by filling all the gaps with various blocks. As you move through each circle, new sets of blocks appear that offer different sizes and shapes to fill. And if you prefer to play with 2 players, the fighting mode allows you to race against another player to the highest score.

Blockudoku is the perfect type of puzzle that allows you to think creatively, plan ahead and hope for the best. Whether you are looking for an alternative to wasting time on Instagram, or you need to do something to wake up your brain, Blockudoku is a great choice.

Price: Free (remove ads for $ 4.99)

Download from: App Store


Screenshot of the Glass application next to the logo and
The Glass app applies to your photo – not likes, influences or algorithms.

If games aren’t your cup of tea, but you still want to replace Instagram with something less owned by Facebook, the upcoming Glass photo sharing platform could be just what you need.

Glass takes you back to the glorious days of sharing photos online, offering a beautiful time frame of images. Forget likes, influencers or commercials – just a series of beautiful photos by amateur and professional photographers. Best of all, Glass displays photos chronologically, so you always see the latest stuff, not what algorithm thinks it’s best for engagement. Glass also exclusively uses “Login via Apple,” ensuring that your account and in-app activities remain private.

Glass does require a monthly subscription (which makes it ad-free and content-focused), but it’s a perfectly justified compromise for Facebook’s freedom from extremely creepy data collection practices.

Price: $ 4.99 per month or $ 29.99 per year (after a 14-day free trial)

Download from: App Store

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