Seinfeld arrives on Netflix, but modern aspect ratios are destroying it

These days TVs are rectangular in shape. This is a departure from the old days of CRT TVs that were more square and clumsy. This means that TV shows made for the older era have adopted a different aspect ratio, 4: 3, compared to today’s 16: 9 aspect ratio. Unfortunately, this makes adapting older TV shows to modern TVs somewhat problematic.

This is proof in Seinfeld, a hit comedy TV show from the 90s that recently hit Netflix. It’s a show that many have been eagerly awaiting, even for those who have seen it multiple times in the past, but unfortunately, Netflix’s 16: 9 ratio “destroyed” some parts of the show.

This is because in addition to the comic jokes told in the show, some of them also relied on “props” which were unfortunately cut when Netflix used a 16: 9 aspect ratio. This was proven in one of the episodes titled “Pothole”, in to which the title hole was actually cut from the frame in the Netflix version.

We’re not sure if there are other episodes that are similarly affected by trying to adjust 4: 3 shows to 16: 9, but that’s something to consider. Given that, Netflix is ​​not to blame for everything. Seinfeld has found his way to other modern streaming platforms in similar proportions in the past, but given the renewed interest in the series, especially with Netflix scoring a coup in such a hit show, many are now discovering it themselves.

Disney has encountered similar problems with some of its older shows in the past before making a change and releasing shows in their original aspects, so perhaps Netflix could do something similar in the future.

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