Seiko WristMac – the ‘first Apple Watch’ 1988 – is up for auction

Seiko WristMac – what the auction house calls the “first Apple Watch” – is up for auction. The device was sold in 1988 as an early Macintosh accessory…

The auction is led by the company Comic Connect, which, as the name suggests, is mainly specialized in the sale of comics.

Complete in box; Includes original (open) box, registration card, reference manual, software diskette, packaging and unopened Seiko WristMac watch; Serial number 70216.

Extremely rare 1988 Seiko / Ex Machina WristMac; the first Apple Watch (released in 1988 – more than 25 years before the 2015 Apple Watch!); One of the first pieces of wearable computer technology.

This 1988 Wrist Mac comes in its original packaging and has never been sold in more than thirty years since its first release. The box advertises the revolutionary features of the watch and contains the original sticker with the serial number (70216).

The box is open and shows little wear, retaining its original white appearance despite some stress. Inside, the box contains the original Wrist Mac registration card (never filled out!), Wrist Tutorial and Reference Manual (complete with white pages and no writing inside), Wrist Mac 1.2 floppy disk containing official Wrist Mac software, Wrist Mac stability holder when is connected to the computer, and the original Seiko box containing the WristMac itself in perfect condition, with the original cables.

This is an extremely rare and obscure piece of technology history and an amazing discovery for collectors, investors and Apple fans. It has been rarely seen since its inception more than 30 years ago, and it will likely be years before another comes to auction. This is a part of computer history that should not be missed.

“Vague” is right, but WristMac (though not this real example) has one cool piece of history.

When the astronauts on the Atlantis Space Shuttle sent the first e-mail from space on August 28, 1991, they wore WristMac watches to coordinate with the Macintosh Portable and Apple Link software on the shuttle.

The delivered photo is awful, but it looks like a black model. Pinot Ichwandardi tweeted a much better photo of the blue model (above), which is seen next to the Apple Watch.

Bidding starts at $ 1, has no reserves, and no price guidance. Auctioneers are optimistic about the high values ​​of some early real Apple devices, but I personally would be surprised if this one was four-digit. Surprised with a dose of regret, because I sold mine after only a few months of use…

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