Secretly record audio, video with a 10% discount on a shiny spy pen

It’s okay to admit it: our love of the latest technology is essentially fueled by our desire to have a cabinet full of spy gadgets worthy of James Bond. But did you know that these fantastic super-spy inventions are not just fiction?

You can take two packs of these iSpyPen pros – which look like a normal writing tool, but give you 007-style options on sale for only $ 114.99. That’s a 10% discount on the regular price of $ 129.

A spy pen you can afford

Much more than just a pen (although it seems to be all that’s on the surface), the iSpy is also a high-definition camera and audio recorder, with an impressive 128GB of internal memory. So, whether you want to secretly record spy missions or mystery shopping sessions, or simply want to take full advantage of a dictaphone that rotates with a pen with storage and recording storage, this cool gadget delivers goods.

It features a camera that Q James Bond would be proud of. Inside this pen is a masked full HD camera with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. You can be sure that the images and videos he captures will be of super high quality. You can even use the optional timestamp to overlay the date and time the picture was taken.

iSpy also comes with a huge battery life. Fully charged, the device has a 75-minute battery to record even the longest exchanges. Just turn it on, turn on the power and you’re ready.

What really sets this spy pen apart from the competition is its accessibility. Despite a number of useful secret functions, you do not need CIA training to deal with it. With this great pen, shooting couldn’t be easier, which makes it a great gadget for all ages, regardless of their technical background or spy experience.

Save on iSpyPen Pro

Currently this offer is good for a range of colors. Choose from sleek all-black or black-and-silver designs for the same retail price of $ 114.99. And since this offer gives you two packages of the latest model for 2021, you can even keep one and give it to a friend for the scariest gift ever.

In addition, it comes highly recommended, as it has been featured in top publications including Fox, NBC, iHeartRadio and others.

Finally realize your dreams of becoming a super spy with the iSpyPen Pro 2021 – 128 GB / 24-hour storage (2 packages) in black or black and silver, on sale with a 10% discount for $ 114.99 ($ ​​129 regularly).

Prices are subject to change.

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