Season 5 depends on the viewers, says Greg Weisman

The teenage heroes of HBO’s Max Young Justice: Outsiders, on the alert.

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Young Justice is pretty good show most of the time, and after Cartoon Network canceled it in 2013, fans eventually succeeded provide a third season a few years later for HBO Max. In between, it was recently premiered fourth season, you’d think fans ’passion would already secure a fifth season for the series, but that’s not the case, says show host Greg Weisman.

By Weissman Web page, where he answers questions from fans and gives news about his work, the man behind short-lived gems like Gargoyles i Spectacular Spider-Man he asked fans of the series to essentially watch the show. Because the fifth season is not a solid guarantee pretty however, he urged fans to drink as much as possible from the spy show about superheroes to make it a reality, as he and the creative forces behind the series definitely have more stories to tell. “If fans want more Earth-16 (the universe in which the series takes place),” he wrote, “the answer is simple: #KeepBingingYJ (all four seasons) over and over again. And over and over again. And help us #SpreadTheWord. We want # SaveEarth16. ”

Weisman’s words are pretty obvious – “hey, watch the show through official channels if you want more from her,” a wild concept! – but it is more surprising that WB did not lock the series a few seasons after announcing its return in 2016. Given how popular DC televisions are around the world, and their animated offers in particular, this show with such a strong built-in fan base that saved it from death felt like something you were sure would have more seasons behind it after the revival. As boring as this dance between viewers and corporations may be, it’s what fans sometimes have to do if they want to keep their favorite shows from premature end.

The first three episodes Young Justice: Phantoms are now available on HBO Max, and new episodes premiere once a week on Thursdays.

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