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Father (Abubakar Salim) and mother (Amanda Collin) on HBO Max Breeded Wolves.

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When HBO Max 2020 lifted its feet off the ground, one of its big shows at the time was Raised by Wolves. Although some felt that Aaron Guikowski’s series about android parents was in charge of raising some important human children to be a little teasing, the series was renewed for the second season with only a few episodes in the first season. The first trailer for the second season is here, and it looks … pretty creepy, which makes some sense because Ridley Scott is the executive producer on the series and directed the first two episodes.

“It simply came to our notice then also man, ”thinks the mother (Amanda Collin) at the end of the trailer as she stands in the dark hallway and is covered (probably) with blood. You may remember that at the end of the first season, the mother gave birth to a baby snake somewhere on the planet and is not mentioned in the trailer, except for a picture of a snake on a cup. This will surely be another threat to the family made up of mother, father (Abubakar Salim) and their children, as they are all now part of an atheist society formed in the Kepler-22b tropical zone. Whatever paradise they think exists here won’t last long, as Marcus (Travis Fimmel) seemingly turns into one of the creatures the family encountered during the first season. In his quest to bring “purity” to Kepler, he will do so through some good old-fashioned violence.

Like someone who missed Wolves when it premiered for the first time, the trailer is doing its job well enough that I’m interested in watching the show closer to its February premiere. Out of your tone, it looks really good, something you can always count on for HBO genre dramas most of the time, and not a bad time for some weird science fiction. Of course, sign me up for it in a couple of months.

Raised by Wolves 2 the premiere on HBO Max begins Feb. 3.

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