Season 2 ends with the COVID-19 case

U Morning show The finale of the second season, COVID-19 is finally coming, in case you missed that news cycle so much that you should have seen it again on the Apple TV + news show.

If you’ve secretly craved something like that, you’re in luck. Alex is suffering from COVID-19, and Cory does not want to cancel the launch of the streaming network application. Our interest has waned, so whatever, right? Let them do what they want. Just get this sick dog off the show.

Morning show review: season 2 finale, ‘Fever’

The episode titled “Fever” is mid-March 2020 and Alex Levy (played by Jennifer Aniston) is ill. She hit her head trying to reach for the letter that had passed away Morning show Leader Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) wrote that they did not have sex and that they woke up in a hospital with a positive diagnosis of COVID. It affects her severely – sweating and fever, pain and nausea.

Since Alex is out of office, Stella (Greta Lee) has to take everyone home to start working remotely, except Daniel Henderson (Desean Terry), who needs to be replaced by Alex and Bradley (Reese Witherspoon), who is looking for his addict brother, Hal Tippett), who never applied for rehabilitation.

Daniel says no because he needs to take his grandfather out of the house, so he quit. (Good release – writers couldn’t write for him anyway.)

Now, Cory (Billy Crudup) has to deal with the consequences that Alex let into the studio when they knew she had just traveled to Italy (early hotspots of COVID-19) to see Mitch (a famous sexual harasser). All this is about to cancel the launch of UBA’s streaming application.

Alex reaches out to Chip (Mark Duplas) because she suffers from COVID, so their will-will-won’t-they come back just in time for the season finale. Chip suggests Cory broadcast her recovery live, making it the first original program in the UBA + app. No one subscribes, so what do they have to lose? You know what that means? That’s right, its live broadcast will save the app.

Paola (Valeria Golino) is still in town and brings her last interview with Mitch to show Cory. Suddenly there is too much programming in hand.

Keep your voice down

In fact, this is a pretty satisfying finale, it doesn’t deal excessively with anyone or forgiving horrible people because they may have friends. It is process-oriented and Morning show (series) is always best when focused on it.

Aniston works well by making desperate phone calls because she feels like she has succumbed to COVID-19. Duplas is good here too, because he’s in the crankshaft mode, not in the rut of self-pity suspicion into which his character Chip is usually stuck.

Besides, the show about COVID-19 that they put together is a pretty good TV. Aniston gives a great speech about death and a perception I didn’t even remotely expect. Pretty smart and emotionally honest thing.

Karen Pittman, who plays Mia Jordan, also gets some great scenes. She suddenly realizes how alone she is in the world and does a good job outside and inside showing her emotional turmoil.

In honor of Billy Krudap, the acting dynamo

Billy Crudup, who plays the cunning network CEO Cory, stands high in the second season of the series.
Photo: Apple TV +

And Billy Crudup is usually great. It must be said that if Morning show it works at all, it’s because this guy – one of the most underrated actors in the country – holds together. Crudup plays step-dance like Billy Flynn Chicago that every wall does not collapse. He is more than this show deserves, dynamo.

Watching Morning show is often an exhausting spectacle, but it’s always a pleasure to watch Crudup swing like this, reviving dialogue and so-so directing with his charisma and energy in the style of Fred Aster. What a performance, what an actor. I will miss him, if not this show, if it is not the third season Morning show.

This week in bad current events

Tom Hanks gets COVID-19. Remember that? Dr. Fauci is here! Hey, those are the biggest hits of the pandemic again, exactly what America needs right now.

Morning show on Apple TV +

The finale of the second season Morning show arrives on November 19 on Apple TV +.

Rated: TV-MA

Look at: Apple TV +

Look at: Apple TV +

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