Say goodbye to snoring with this custom mouthpiece

Would you pay $ 60 for a solid sleep without snoring?
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Your snoring no longer has to wake you, your partner or roommates. A custom VitalSleep anti-snoring mouthpiece can give you sleep without snoring.

And during our sale before Black Friday, it is on sale for only $ 59.97 (regularly $ 99). This is just a fraction of what CPAP machines and other anti-snoring devices cost.

How to stop snoring

About 90 million Americans snore, but you don’t have to count on them anymore. When you snore, the muscles in your throat and neck tense. Therefore, if you have had a long night of snoring, you often wake up with a rough throat and a hoarse voice. Snoring can also negatively affect your sleep – and poor sleep can cause health problems.

VitalSleep helps your throat and neck muscles relax so sleep time can be quiet (and really relaxing). The anti-snoring mouthpiece helps your tongue to settle where it should be. And VitalSleep’s patented Accu-Adjust System allows you to adjust the fit up to 8 mm. So, VitalSleep is for you, even if you think that your mouth is not shaped like other people’s.

To make fitting even more comfortable and healthier, you’ll get customized tooth impressions that will keep VitalSleep in place all night. All you have to do is heat VitalSleep in hot water and then sink your teeth into place, creating a mold that fits perfectly. (You can also make precise micro-adjustments that lower the jaw holder using an easy-to-use tool included with your purchase.)

It is the only 100% guarantee you will find from those who deal with snoring. And VitalSleep is also completely safe.

Save on VitalSleep anti-snoring mouthpiece

Once VitalSleep is adjusted to your mouth, it’s time to get some sleep. You will hardly notice VitalSleep in your mouth, but you and everyone around you will surely notice the change it makes. During our pre-Black Friday Doorbusters, you can get the VitalSleep anti-snoring sequel for just $ 59.97 (regularly $ 99).

Take one, get a good night’s sleep and recharge your batteries for work and play! Take your eight hours and then take a look at some device deals that you can enjoy with all that energy you suddenly have.

Prices are subject to change.

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