Save on 4 premium travel chargers for your energy needs on the go

Having a reliable charger that suits you, wherever you are, is one of the greatest everyday life upgrades you can give yourself. And it doesn’t just count at home or at the table. A charger that you can rely on when you’re on the go means you’ll never run out of battery when you need it.

These accessories, made by charger experts at VogDuo, are all portable and perfect to take with you on trips. These four chargers, currently on sale, will keep your iPhone, AirPods and other equipment ready for action – anytime, anywhere!

VogDuo Car Charger Go – $ 19.99

VogDuo Car Charger Go will keep two devices ready for operation.

Everyone needs a great charger in their car. This is not only for convenience, but also for safety – there is nothing worse than running out of phone battery if you ever break down on the trip. This great option from VogDuo plugs directly into your car and has two USB-C slots. Even better, it comes with built-in Rapid Charge technology to power your devices faster than ever.

Buy now: Get VogDuo Car Charger Go for $ 19.99 (regular $ 29)

VogDuo Triple-USB Travel Wall Charger – $ 44.99

VogDuo Triple-USB travel wall charger: You will never run out of space in the socket of your hotel room again.
You will never run out of space in the socket of your hotel room again.

When you travel, you want your accessories to be light – and this five-star travel charger is as light as it comes. Simply plug this super-slim accessory into an outlet, and its three USB-A ports will deliver an impressive 30 watts of power to up to three devices. This means faster charging for all your equipment, even if you are in a hotel or cafe with only one outlet. In addition, it is thin enough to fit in crowded sockets. No wonder the experts iPhoneLife wrote: “VogDuo has delivered what may be an ideal travel charger.”

Buy now: Get VogDuo Triple-USB Travel Wall Charger for $ 44.99 (regular $ 59)

VogDuo 18W PD Wall Charger – $ 12.99

VogDuo 18W PD Wall Charger: This colorful charger is small but powerful
This colorful charger is small but powerful

Have you ever been preparing to go on a date, only to realize that you haven’t charged your iPhone or battery yet? Don’t worry, we all did it. With this magical little charger, however, you’ll never have to worry about last-minute reinforcements again. Adjusting its power to automatically suit the needs of your device, this 18W USB-C wall charger is small, foldable and works with all types of devices.

Buy now: Get VogDuo 18W PD Wall Charger for $ 12.99 (regular $ 19)

VogDuo Premium Leather Smartphone Stand – $ 49.99

VogDuo Premium Leather Smartphone Stand: Add a touch of class to your desktop with this leather stand.
Add a class note to your desktop with this leather stand.

Where do you keep your phone while you work? Left straight on the table or in your pocket? Isn’t it high time you upgraded to the best way using the second screen? Made of soft, genuine Italian leather, this cradle holds your iPhone at various angles optimized for comfortable reading, watching and video calling. Place it next to you while working on the superior design of the second screen. Then, as you travel, fold into its 45-degree shape for comfortable hands-free movie watching.

Buy now: Get VogDuo Premium Leather Smartphone Stand for $ 49.99 (Regularly $ 59)

Prices are subject to change.

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