Save 20% on these rugged full 13 screen shields for the iPhone 13

And save 20% on other Limited77 products through Cult of Mac Store.
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Don’t you hate when you buy a screen protector that doesn’t cover the entire screen of your iPhone? You won’t have this problem with these solid tempered glass protectors from Limited 77, which keep your iPhone 13 sharp.

Get yours today to save 20% – and enjoy the same discount on all other Limited77 accessories for iPhone and Apple Watch in the Cult of Mac Store.

Keep the screen of your iPhone 13 scratch-free

Apple has taken steps to make the iPhone screen more crack-resistant in recent years. But its “Ceramic Shield” panels scratch just as easily – if not easier – than earlier iPhone screens. So, it is a bad idea to skip the protector.

It’s also not good to settle for a protective screen that leaves the edges of your iPhone or Face ID sensors open – and many still do. But not this one from Limited77, which offers complete protection for your entire screen.

This real tempered glass panel extends to the edges of your iPhone’s cover glass and protects a series of front-facing sensors. The only area left exposed – because it has to be – is the speaker above the screen.

Really easy to apply

The protector not only protects your iPhone 13 from scratches and scuffs, but also adds extra impact protection that makes it even more robust. And thanks to the included alignment bearing, you get a flat fit every time.

Limited77 also includes alcohol wipes, so you can clean your iPhone screen before installing the shield. And you get two shields in one package. Order yours today for only $ 28 – less than $ 35.

Also check out the rest of the Limited77 line, which is also down 20% in the Cult of Mac Store. This discount is only valid until the end of the year, so don’t miss out.

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