Save 20% on SwitchEasy with brand new Apple Watch bracelets

SwitchEasy has just dropped 20% on its brand new collection of straps for the Apple Watch. Its brightly colored candy strap, stunning stainless steel mesh and luxurious leather options can be yours today for only $ 26.39.

Order yours through the Cult of Mac Store before the sale is complete.

Save on SwitchEasy bracelets for the Apple Watch

SwitchEasy cases, stands and MagSafe accessories have proven to be incredibly popular among Cult of Mac Store customers – mainly thanks to their incredible build quality and surprisingly affordable prices.

So, we were thrilled when the company released a brand new line of bands for the Apple Watch. They’re designed and made just as great as other SwitchEasy products – and you can buy them right away at a good discount.

It is significantly more affordable than Apple’s.
Photo: SwitchEasy

Candy band

The candy ribbon is made of hundreds of brightly colored nylon threads, all of which are tightly woven together to be soft, lightweight and durable. It wraps nicely around your wrist and is elastic for all-day comfort.

Its woven nylon design, combined with durable metal buckles for added strength, also means the Candy strap is breathable and waterproof, making it ideal for exercise as well as for casual, everyday wear.

Price: $ 27.99 (decrease from $ 34.99)

SwitchEasy steel mesh for Apple Watch
A great way to tweak your Apple Watch.
Photo: SwitchEasy

Stainless steel mesh tape

Its woven stainless steel mesh, which is polished for an ultra smooth and glossy finish, makes this Milanese-style band feel much more expensive than it is. It’s great for dressing your Apple Watch for formal functions.

You can put the stainless steel mesh strap in a bag in black, silver or rose-gold color – and it is compatible with all Apple Watch models.

Price: $ 27.99 (decrease from $ 34.99)

SwitchEasy classic leather for Apple Watch
For that subtle and sophisticated look.
Photo: SwitchEasy

Classic leather strap

If you like a more traditional look, the SwitchEasy Classic Leather strap is a great option. It is made of soft, premium calfskin that is incredibly comfortable on your wrist, and is combined with solid steel buckles.

Price: $ 39.99 (decrease from $ 49.99)

SwitchEasy hybrid belt for Apple Watch
Leather and silicone go surprisingly well together.
Photo: SwitchEasy

Hybrid silicone-leather belt

Want a skin look, but live an active lifestyle? The hybrid band is the way to go. It combines a leather exterior with a soft silicone layer, does not bother to get wet and sweat, and is incredibly durable even for the toughest exercises.

Price: $ 31.99 (decrease from $ 39.99)

Don’t miss it!

These discounts are only valid for a limited time, so enjoy them while you can. All SwitchEasy bracelets are available to order through the Cult of Mac Store for all generations of Apple Watch in sizes 38/40/41 mm and 42/44/45 mm.

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