Satechi’s new AirPods Max charging cradle also complements your iPhone

Satechi’s new stand holds and charges AirPods Max and other equipment – and it looks good in that.
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Among the new products from Satechi accessories makers to be unveiled at CES 2022 is a new 2-in-1 headphone stand with wireless charger designed for AirPods Max, unveiled on Thursday.

While a sleek stainless steel arm hangs your headphones, the base charges your iPhone or other Qi device and provides a USB-C port to power the headphones.

Satechi’s new stand: any headphones are enough

Satechi’s marketing department is targeting a new 2-in-1 headphone stand with a wireless charger for AirPods Max owners, but will fit on many, if not most, headphones on the upper arm. Simply hang them on a stainless steel armband with padded handles so headphones and cord don’t clutter up your desk.

Charging options

Aside from being a convenient place for headphones when you’re not using them, Satechi’s new cradle offers more charging options.

The stand has an aluminum base that serves as a Qi filling base. It can power iPhone, AirPods, AirPods Pro or any other 7.5 Wi Qi device.

And you can use the USB-C port in the base with USB-C on Lightning cable to charge your AirPods Max.

Cable management

Another handy feature of the stand is the built-in cable management hook, which helps you keep the cables wrapped and tidy.

The space gray base – common in Satechi products – should complement many computer settings, workstations or nightstands.

A 20 W power adapter, sold separately, is required for the charging stand.

Unlike many of the newly announced products at CES 2022, the Satechi 2-in-1 headphone stand with wireless charger is available today. And you can get a 20% discount on the regular price with a billing code CES20 until January 13.

Price: $ 79.99

Where to buy: Satechi

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