Satechi debuts USB-C 4 cables alongside new 30W GaN charger

Satechi’s compact new charger and USB-C 4 cables pair nicely with Apple’s latest hardware.
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Satechi beefed up its array of charging accessories Thursday with its first USB-C 4 cables and a compact new 30W GaN USB-C charger.

They pair nicely with Apple’s latest hardware, and you can get the new Satechi wares at a discount for launch.

Satechi debuts USB-C 4 cables with new GaN charger

Satechi rolled out a new, more compact 30W GaN USB-C charger along with a pair of new companion Satechi USB-C 4 cables.

The company last launched a new USB-C adapter with a compact 20W version last fall, a non-Gallium Nitride device. But this new 30W wall charger joins the brand’s GaN lineup as its most compact USB-C GaN offering to date. GaN chargers are more compact and efficient than silicon-based ones because the components can be closer together and take up less space.

Alongside the new USB-C adapter, Satechi rolled out a companion accessory – its first series of USB-C 4 cables. The new cords are designed for use with the latest Macs.

The cables can sustain 100W charging speeds and come equipped with 8K video throughput capability. They work with virtually all standards, including USB-C and Thunderbolt 4, Satechi said. The cables can handle typical charging routines and pairing with external docking stations, SSD storage, displays and other high-bandwidth uses.

At launch, two cable lengths are available: a shorter, 10-inch Satechi USB-C 4 cable and a longer, 2.6-foot version.

You can pick up the charger and the cables at Satechi. To get a launch discount of 25%, enter the code CHARGER25.

Satechi 30W USB-C GaN Charger

Price: $ 29.99

Where to buy: Satechi

Satechi USB-C 4 Cables

Price: $ 24.99 (10 inches) or $ 29.99 (2.6 feet)

Where to buy: Satechi

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